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ACTS OF SEDITION / SADVILLE - "split" 7" $6.99
Sadville delivers a brand new song in three parts which showcases these Tennessee ragers' southern influenced stoner crust metal. Oakland, CA's Acts Of Sedition combine the dark crust sounds of bands like Born/Dead and Tragedy with the early '90s political NYHC of Citizens Arrest and Nausea. Hand-numbered on WHITE vinyl, limited to 400 copies.

ACTS OF SEDITION / SURRENDER - "split" 7" $6.99
Two tracks from Oakland's SURRENDER, who are a total throwback to 80's English peace punk with a slight hint of riot grrrl. and one track from ACTS OF SEDITION, who borrow punk and hardcore sounds from Black Flag as well as modern heavyweights such as Artimus Pyle and Hot Cross with overtly political lyrics. Screened covers with vellum band.

ADRENALIN O.D. - "Phat N' Old - Live on WFMU" CD $7.99
The 23 track CD recorded live at the legendary WFMU studios by Pat Duncan and Charles Maggio.

8 brand new songs recorded in July 2007 of RAW FILTHY LEFTIST MINCE CORE PUNK. Saul Turteltaub is a moderate rock group from the U.S.A. that deliver 11 tracks of sweet chin music. Limited to 250 copies.

Another of the endless releases from AGATHOCLES-over 100 and they keep putting out killer material! The CD starts with grindcore songs in the ancestral AxG tradition: very, very short songs, stripped to the bone, basic riffs and quick drum blasts and then there's a couple of more hardcore-infused songs to relax the tension... THE VANISHING ACT offer up four tracks including an IMPETIGO track ("Dis-Organ-Ized"). They mix the heavy, downtuned doom/death metal sounds of Autopsy with more uptempo and blasting rhythms and a gnarlier grindcore frenzied energy, also bringing together Chris Reifert type roaring agonizing growls and wilder, hysterical screams and shrieks.

ALARM - "s/t" 7" $6.99
Tucson, AZ's Alarm present six tracks of violent mayhem to this debut 7", with a style that brings to mind bands like Gehenna, Pig Destroyer, Fall Silent, Backstabbers Inc. and Napalm Death. On GREEN vinyl.

AL QAEDA - "collaborative works" 7" $6.99
The much-anticipated 7" from AQ featuring Mike Watt (MINUTEMEN, FIREHOSE), Gabe Serbian (THE LOCUST), Chris Carrico (AARKTICA) and Occassional Detroit is finally here. On aqua marbled vinyl and limited to 300 copies.

A.M. - "Orla" CD $7.99
In my eternal quest for total heaviness, I'm frequently brought back to the realm of the drone, that realm where tones and sounds are stretched out into infinity (or as close to infinity as an LP, CD, or cassette will permit...) and are transmuted into pure sound. And there surfaces some sublime sonic heaviness with those who craft the drone, from Phil Niblock's thick washes of minimalist throb all the way to the metallic sub-harmonic drift of Sunn O))), Black Boned Angel, and early Earth. It's in between these reference points that I often stumble across some of the coolest drone music out there, like as with this recent album from New Zealand's Anthony Milton. Some of you might know Milton from his Mrytu! project, which has released a couple of rad, ritualistic black-drone-sludge titles. But Anthony Milton is probably more widely known for his exquisite drone compositions, which is the setting that we find him in with Orla. The story behind this album is this: Milton was given an Orla reed organ from a friend who picked it up at a garage sale, and after receiving some influence from Charlamagne Palestine's concepts of the religious quality of drone music, took it upon himself to experiment with the Orla organ as the predominant sound source. The result is this amazing album, and it features five tracks of beautiful, entrancing drones that are accompanied only by the occasional recording of rain or other field recording. Each piece ranges from the sublime to the crushing - "As the Rain Comes Down" opens the disc with a radiant series of spiralling chord drones before moving into the subsonic tectonic rumbling and Sunroof-ish overtones of "Sky Voltage" and "Ribscraper", while the final track "Chamber Lull" features only a calm, drifting hum over which Milton plucks and bows away at the spring pegs of the organ keys. At it's loudest and heaviest, Orla achieves the ecstatic buzz of some of Sunn O))) and Earth's most abstract drifts, but actually comes closer to the blown out minimalist fuzzslabs of Growing and Growing side-project Total Life. A beautiful, mind erasing drone album, lavishly packaged in an 8-panel gatefold digipack printed in gold, black, and grey inks, with mysterious images of the organ's interior workings.

AMDUATUM - "Seas of Emptiness" CD $7.99
Debut album from this Norwegian one-man horde. A raw black metal & ambient masterpiece. Think of an early Darkthrone release stripped even more to the bone and drowned in vitriolic fuzz. Grotesque guitar plucking and strumming combined with vocals that are bellowing tormented snarls make this album a must for the TRUE black metal fans out there.

ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK - "Two Thousand Years" CD $7.99
Hailing from the city of Tilburg, ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK is one of the most interesting and harsh bands we've heard in a long time. Influenced by legendary bands like Entombed and Tragedy, the Shock adds some very interesting black metal elements to their already crushing sound; taking the genre to a new level, perfecting the loud, the fast and the dirgey. Comprised of members that have been active in the European punk/hardcore and rock underground for a long time, sharing time in bands such as Restless Youth, No Turning Back, The Spades and Union Town it may not come as a big surprise that this band knows what they’re doing. Expect a devastating mix of raw d-beat music, crushing vocals and doom-laden riffing. The vocals chronicle the evils of the world in a way that never patronizes, nor detracts from the unbridled musical rage of his bandmates. The guitar work unites the raw d-beat style of bands like Disfear and Tragedy, with the doom-laden offering of classic bands like Pentagram or Black Sabbath, and contemporaries like Entombed or High on Fire. The rhythm section has clear roots in their aggressive hardcore past, showing zero concessions, taking on a new life and pushing the beast onward more urgently than ever. The outcome is simply gargantuan.

ANDY ORTMANN / JOHN WIESE - "Recorder Out Of Tune" CD $7.99
The monstrous electronic fug of this collaborative release is initally hinted at by the low-contrast, grey and black layout of the CD package, with a grimm looking photo of the perps on the front cover and illustrations of some sort of Lovecraftian organic horror on the interior booklet. Anyone familiar with John Wiese's work, both with Bastard Noise and solo, or through his collaborations with Sunn O))) and Cattle Decapitation, recognizes that this guy is a master sculptor of total earshred electronics, constructing some of the most brutal tone collages this side of the Pacific. On Recorder Out Of Tune, Wiese teams up with his buddy and Panicsville visionary Andy Ortmann for a 22 minute blast of heavy unease culled from creepy electronic tones and brief, brutal blasts of overmodulated feedback that are collaged together with field recordings, studio weirdness, fractal vomit vocals, partially glimpsed snippets of death metal transmissions, improv clatter, and dark, droning soundscapes. It's definitely a soundtrack for bad dreams and night sweats, like Nurse With Wound and Lustmord scraping metal chairs across your ceiling at 2am in the morning and spinning the dial through a range of AM radio frequencies being beamed out of Hell. A different sort of take on surreal horror electronics. Recommended.

This brutally heavy release showcases material from four veteran bands. "Waterloo" compiles eleven tracks spanning 55 minutes total. Featured: Adrift (think of Iron Monkey, Keelhaul, Neurosis, Tool), Another Kind Of Death (reminiscent of Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan), Moksha (influenced by Down, Entombed, Isis, Zao) and the mighty Moho (Sludge Doom a la Corrupted, EHG, etc.)

ANTILLES / TRIFLE TOWER - "split" 7″ $6.99
A match-up of 2 old-school screamo bands in the vein of such greats as Pg. 99 and City of Caterpillar. Antilles have a jagged and damaged sound with aggressive drumming, jangly guitar playing, and vicious vocals with an almost jazzy vibe at times. On side B, Trifle Tower assault the listener using layered melodies and strong dynamics, giving off the impression of an almost black metal approach to songwriting. Limited to a total of 500 copies, presented in jackets made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper stock and hand-silkscreened with brown ink.

ANUS PRESLEY - "Music to Listen to When You're Dead" CD $7.99
The bizarre power electronics cut-up collage noise project of Danish controversial film maker and OG comix artist Sverre H.Kristensen, who died only a few months after compiling this 'Best-of' collage taken from obscure Anus Presley cassettes from the 1980s. The title was chosen by Sverre before he died. Cover put together with the kind co-operation of JR Bruun, one of Sverre's closest friends. At the moment this is only available document of Sverre's music. Jewelcase cover. 500 copies.

Super heavy blackened sludge from Knoxville, Tennessee with some wild noise fuckery that elevates this above the rest of the extreme doom rabble. This 26+ minute disc has just one long untitled song from this young band, and Argentinum Astrum display an enthusiasm for messing around with expectations of what doom metal is supposed to sound like, which ultimately turns this debut into something more than just doom metal. The track starts off with a cloud of black, buzzing feedback, then lurches into a slow, Khanate-like riff, but instead of moving forward with the riff, the music gets all warped and chewed up and dropping out completely, like you're listening to the band on a cassette and the tape is being eaten by the tape deck, the slurred sludgey guitars become a mangled blurt of analogue squelch, starting and stopping, winding down into silence and then revving back up again, until the riff finally disappears completely and is replaced by a single strummed guitar and spacious, laid back drum beat surrounded by tendrils of feedback and amp buzz. It gets heavy again soon enough, building back into a crushing minimalist riff chugging in slow motion, weird pterodactyl shrieks soaring over the desolate doomscape, and those vocals sound totally fucked, wrecked and wretched. The track moves onward, shifting between lumbering, monotonous sludge and slightly faster riffs that have a vague southern feel, then into brief blasts of epic, damaged black metal where the drums seem to float in and out of focus, or simply disappear together for a second. From there it's back to the slow sludge, a different riff this time, then the drums exit the scene again and we're left with nothing but guitars, black and roiling as ultra slow motion riffs unfurl over a caustic ocean of low-end grind, super abstract and droning, with those weird fucked-up reptile screams rising up out of the background. This monolithic metallic dronescape is spread out for more than ten minutes, then drums gradually re-enter the picture and once again the band shifts gears, lurching this time into a drunken bluesy sludge jam a la Weedeater or Eyehategod that closes the track out. These guys have an eclectic style that sounds like a couple of different bands stuck together with the unifying factor being the insane echo-chamber shrieking, a blackened sludgemutant built from scraps of Black Boned Angel, Fleurety, and Eyehategod, bashing out their primitive, noise-damaged sludge on busted amplifiers and broken guitars, electronic noise detritus dripping from their instruments, swampy low-frequency buzz infesting their blasted boogie.

THE ASHAMED - "s/t" CD $7.99
Aggressive, in your face, Punk/Thrashabilly from Richland, Washington. This is a weird fucking album- it's like speed-metal with a touch of thrash and a touch of rockabilly. Cool artwork. Weird lyrics too. The music sounds like new SLAYER mixed with DEAD KENNEDYS. It totally seems like they'd be a fun band to see live.

ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS - "Four More Raga Moods" CD $7.99
English artist Phil Todd has been an underground presence for well over a decade, engaging in countless groups and collaborations, signing on as an occasional member of Vibracathedral Orchestra and Sunroof!, and releasing numerous documents through his Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers and Memoirs of an Aesthete labels. Todd’s major achievement, though, is his ongoing solo project Ashtray Navigations. Releasing a baffling amount of cassettes, LPs, CDs and CD-Rs, Todd has refined a singular take on modern drone construction that references the dynamics of rock, the emotional evisceration of blues, and the white-light intensity of noise. This new follow-up to Ashtray Naviagtion's crucial Four Raga Moods is another heavy dose of transportational drone rock/feedback bliss from guitarist Phil Todd and company, who on this disc include Alex Neilson, Ben Reynolds, Mel Delaney, Chris Hladowski, Matt Cairns, Andy Jarvis and Pete Nolan of MAGIK MARKERS. On Four More Raga Moods, glacial amp trances slowly unfold around epic guitar drip, gauzy folk figures, and rotating casio)drones.This is a baked haze of bleached guitar drones and woozy consumer electronics, as cassette tape detritus accumulates around epiphanic guitar leads, occasionally evoking Keiji Haino in miniature. An exquisite broadcast from an interstellar shortwave radio station, with his blasted guitar submerged under frazzled layers of distortion. Excellent, dreamy trash drone, definitely advisible to fans of Sunroof! and Vibracathedral Orchestra (both of which are bands that Phil Todd has worked with in one form or another), as well as the mid-90's psychedelic SKULLFLOWER output and the New Zealand drone sound. Packaged in a killer fold-out, full-colour four-panel digipak.

ASTRAL DIVISION - "Spadyum" CD $7.99
From Turkey, ASTRAL DIVISION deliver a destructive mixture of Black Metal and Thrash Metal leading its sound, along with some industrial elements. Limited to 500 copies.

ATHRENODY - "Crazed Development" CD $7.99
Existing only for a short time in the early 90s, ATHRENODY, along with bands like IMMORTAL FATE, EXHUMED, GORYMELANOMA and COLOSTOMY created a foundation for the emerging Bay Area grind scene. Back then, rumors were floating around about a band from the South Bay that played a brutal style of grind/death metal not-on-like Harmony Corruption era NAPALM DEATH and/or TERRORIZER - turned out this band was ATHRENODY. They played a few shows, and before they split-up, they managed to get into House of Faith studios to record this full length. Unfortunately vocals were not added, until that is, Matt Harvey from EXHUMED stepped up to the plate in 2005. The result is this CD.

Screeching, clanging guitars, over machinelike rhythms, with half shouted/half sung vocals adding slight melody to the caustic, abrasive noisescapes. Besides the two members, Justin Foley (guitar/vocals) and Thad Calabrese (bass) especially the drum machine is in the foreground of the action. The more than nine minute opener brings us bulky machine beats, screaming guitars and partly hysteric screaming that freezes the marrow in your bones. You could roughly put the brew of the two Americans somewhere into the corner of GODFLESH, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and EYEHATEGOD. Repetitive rhythms and mean feedbacks play with the nerves of the listener. Monotony can be so beautiful and oppressive.

BASTARD NOISE / DEFEKTRO - "Metal and Bone Servitude" CD $7.99
machine made industrial-harsh-noise
machine made industrial-harsh-noise
Japanese machine made industrial harsh noise meets caveman electronics.

Blarke Bayer is the solo project of Ben Andrews who also plays guitar in Magnetics, Agents Of Abhorrence and My Disco. This release finds him exploring a wall of drone subtle drifts and waves of noise. Bone Sheriff is the drunken ramblings of Simon Taylor (Whitehorse / EOH / Malakat) and Rob Mayson (Grey Daturas / EOH / It's Is / Whitehorse etc). Fueled by a cocktail of ginger wine and sparkling ale BS shudder to life rattling bones and burning souls. An awesome follow up release to "Moonee Ponds".

BUCK GOOTER - "Dogfood Towers" CD $7.99
Serious art-damaged sonic distortion from this two-man wrecking crew. Not entirely a noise-fest, as the melody and riffs do come bubbling to the surface- its got a scratching menace mixed with a dark wave undercurrent. Reminds of some of the better stuff that came out on Blast First back in the 80s. Like a stripped down HEAD OF DAVID colliding with a more fucked up BLANK DOGS.

BUCKSHOT FACELIFT - "Universal Goat Tilt" CD $7.99
This is insanely fast as fuck thrash metallic brutal hc/grind from LI with disgusting vox. If you dig stuff like Graf Orlock, you should check this out. 17 songs in just about 19 minutes!

BULL ANUS - "Enter The Anus" CD-R $7.99
A name like that creates certain expectations. BULL ANUS deliver with 70 minutes of HARSH drone- noise n' scumfuzz hell, like the most brutal early SKULLFLOWER/BORBETOMAGUS skuzz crawling through the gutter and spurting grotesque feedback swarms over your cranium, courtesy of Erik Amlee (CRACKHOUSE) and company. There's little in the way of dynamics here...BULL ANUS lock in with a crackling avalanche of fuzz and distortion and skree, piling it on, layers and layers of dense, cloudy crunch, with gauzy melodies obscured and blurred by the storm of noise. Pure brooding pestilence and evil tone mulch. Guitar amplifiers bare toothy grins and spastic beats grind away at the withering transistor frequencies. Enter The Anus could possibly be heard as a meditation on the sounds of machinery falling apart, a bleeping,grinding mantra of coarse speaker hurl. Good shit.

BURMESE / CADAVER EYES - "split" CD $7.99
The disc alternates tracks between Burmese's Whitehouse-inspired sludge/noise/grind violence and Cadaver Eyes' percussive metal/noise. Burmese's stuff is a continuation of the vicious grind and power electronics sound that the band has been forging. Brutal low end grindcore built from blasting drums, deep ferocious gutteral roars, and splattery riffs is smashed into stretches of abstracted noise, which is still very influenced by Whitehouse all the way down to the confrontational song titles ('No Blood No Cum', 'War Vs Women'). Savage vocal freakouts emerge over rumbling feedbacking dronescapes. Warning alarms scream alongside fractured grindcore. Eleven tracks total from Burmese. Every four tracks or so, Cadaver Eyes appear with a couple of longer pieces. Here they are a duo, with the drummer/vocalist teaming up with someone on no-input mixer, and somehow, two guys manage to whip up a murderous frenzy of abstract grindcore that sounds like an entire squadron of feedbacking amps, blastbeating drummers, and cannibalistic vocalists all going off at once. Impossibly distorted riffs are pulled apart into rubbery rumbling black tar drones, and sampled death metal riffing is plundered and manipulated over splattery drumming. Crushing!

THE CARBONAS - "s/t" CD $7.99
The much-anticipated third album from Atlanta's Carbonas is a blast of late'70s/early '80s punk rock with a high-energy rock'n' roll influence bringing to mind bands like the Exploding Hearts and The Orphans.

CHROME - "Third From The Sun" CD $7.99
Led by Damon Edge and Helios Creed, Chrome channeled The Stooges raw garage energy with Hawkwind's mindmelting space rock acid-psych and the electronic proto-art-punk of bands like Debris' and The Styrenes into a spazzy amalgam of sci-fi distortion, glam-punk chaos, and all manner of machine fuckery including television samples, bizarre tape manipulations and random fuzz-filled noise. Inspired by the future-shock visionary writings of J.G Ballard and Philip K. Dick, Chrome were cyber-punk before the term had even been popularized! In fact, they were one of those bands who became much more popular after their demise, when bands like The Butthole Surfers, Big Black and other Touch and Go bands started gaining notoriety in the mid-eighties college rock scene. 3rd From The Sun from 1982 was the band's final outing, after a couple years in the wilderness of label and line-up changes. More accessible songwise then the previous two records we reviewed, 3rd From The Sun still displays the sonic weirdness and alien paranoia that is classic Chrome! Dirge-y and brooding but with a new and crisper sounding rhythm section, this is heavier and more feedback laden with a greater emphasis on Creed's psych guitar than Edge's tape manipulations. They're definitely building the darker atmosphere here, rather than aggressively filling the space, on some tracks feeling like they're going in a more Zodiac Mindwarp direction (read: black leather and sunglasses) that Helios Creed would pursue more fully on his solo records. Definitely the type of sleazy sinister vibe that would fit right in at a strip club owned by David Lynch!

CHROME JACKSON / DIAGRAM A - "split" 7" $6.99
Chrome Jackson = solo guitar noise experiments by Stephen Mattos (member of Athletic Automaton/ex-Arab on Radar). Diagram A = Noise/sound art by Dan Greenwood.

THE COLE QUINTET / LINSAY - "split" picture disc 7" $6.99
German HC influenced by SWING KIDS, CRIMSON CURSE.

COMPLICATED SHIRT - "Instruments" CD $7.99
Challenging, off-center music that combines post-rock and indie rock in a blending of early Dinosaur Jr and Mission of Burma meets Red Krayola.

Canadian West Coast grind meets United States East Coast grind. COMPOUND TERROR are from Victoria, BC, feature a member of ISKRA and play somewhat DISCORDANCE AXIS-style grind. THE COMMUNION are from Bethpage, NY and toss various styles of grind, savage black metal and urgent hardcore into each song. Limited to 100 copies on blue/purple HEAVY vinyl.

CONTAMINATORS - "Minimal Minds" 7" $6.99
Blown out vocal track, skuzzy recording and loud, direct arrangements throw this into a ‘70s punk motif, with great success – “Want me Dead” in particular lifts enough of the Pistols/Dead Boys sorta vibes with the bravado required for ownership, or at least a month-to-month lease. Great, dirty sounds. 300 copies, black vinyl.

CORE OF THE EARTH - "Curtains" CD $7.99
Core of the Earth’s second album, “Curtains”, can best be described as dwelling in the same area that you might find (the) MELVINS. “Curtains” contains an alloy of both elements of stoner metal and sludge, producing a thick, slow, rhythmic assault on the ears. Also clearly present is slight, but obvious, nods to drone metal.

CORPUSSE - "Surrender To The Passion" CD $7.99
For those who have yet to discover Canada’s legendary shock art rock icon, CORPUSSE, his music can be best described minimal electronic in the vein of Suicide, Fad Gadget and the early Mute recordings, with vocals that range from operatic to growling to wrestler-style ranting. A one-of-a-kind performer, CORPUSSE has long defied labels and categorizations; his minimalist musical compositions and antagonistic performance art has been acclaimed for more two decades as he continues to shock and entertain. Not for squeamish, CORPUSSE’s unique brand of living theatre and wild absurdist humour has to be experienced to be believed. “If you think you’ve heard it all, you’ve never heard Corpusse” – Montreal Mirror

CORPUSSE - "Precious Memento" CD $7.99
Corpusse is a big man, at least six and a half feet tall, with another foot of hair sticking straight up. He delivers his lyrics in growls, wrestler-style rants and operatic vocals. Some of his song titles include "You Can't Stop The Insanity" and "Wake Up Neighbour (Time To Die)". While there are elements of humour in Corpusse's work, Corpusse is NOT comedy. Corpusse is deadly serious, serious enough about his music to have quit high school to record his first LP, "Delusions" in 1988 and to have never looked back. Providing the musical backbone to Corpusse's performance is the duty of Lorenz Peters, a comic book artist well-known in the Toronto scene ("The Last Remaining Ancient Mellish Bird", "Arriba! The Parkdale Wrestler", etc). Lorenz uses vintage analog gear to create minimal electronic soundscapes that combine the synth-plod of Throbbing Gristle with Suicide-style keyboard minimalism that flirts heavily with no wave.

Cower resides somewhere in the audible crusty punk house between IRON LUNG and TRAGEDY. Pounding at times, driving at others. It’s always heavy, and it’s always intense. Amidst the legions of copycats and style-prisoners, Cower take healthy helping of various sub-sub-genres such as power violence, d-beat, noise, and melodic crust to formulate a sound that seems naturally punishing. They are a promising detonation of unforgiving, unwavering noise.

CRISIS - "Reactor4" CD $7.99
Reactor number 4 was the nuclear reactor that exploded within the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. It was considered to be the worst nuclear disaster in history. The disaster left the city of Prypiat abandoned. To this day the city remains an exclusion zone. The recordings on this album were made to create a soundtrack to the whole era, when the Western world learned of the disaster. A mixture of dark ambient and electronics assembled in ten tracks including sampled voices from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster era, coupled with distorted signals and electronics. The humming of analogue synths, the use of reverb, the mumbling of buried voices, the cold and desolate nature of this music is comparable to classic 'The Plain Truth' era Maurizio Bianchi with its depictions of bleak, industrial landscapes.

CROW TONGUE - "The Red Hand Mark" CD $7.99
The Red Hand Mark is the latest full length from Crow Tongue, the new "Appalachian Doom" group fronted by Timothy Renner aka Timothy Revelator, from dark acid-Christian-folksters Stone Beath. This is the second album to appear from the group since the beginning of the year, actually, the first being the amazing, Julian Cope-endorsed Ghost Eye Seeker that combined a spare, skeletal form of Appalachian folk music with tabla, handmade mutant instruments, and scorched low-end buzz that sounded like a strange mix of Skullflower's Orange Canyon Mind, the circular trance throb of Om gone acoustic, Indian ragas, and stripped-down country woven into a dense and hypnotic dronezone. Packaged in a cool-looking foldout package that is adorned in images of crows and angel statues and woodcuts of humans turning into birds, sinister-looking Cherubim and scenes from Revelations, The Red Hand Mark features six tracks of elongated acoustic trance. The raga quality that the previous album was so steeped in is much more subtle here, but still present; for these songs, the percussion comes to the forefront, and each song revolves around a pounding, layered tapestry of tabla beats and hand drums and the skin-covered djembe, powerful rhythms that move in pulsing circular forms and take on a heavily hypnotic state, while Timothy recites weird apocalyptic lyrics over top in that deep, almost monotone chant voice of his. It is really doomy sounding, simple and primitive and mesmerizing with that dark endtime poetry intoned over the circular beats, way more tribal-sounding than the previous album, and the plunky, meaty strum of the guimbri-banjo (a kind of bass banjo that Timothy invented) adds to the band's earthy, raw sound. Dark, trancey hypno-folk that sounds a little bit like a cross between the dire acoustic prophecies of Steve Von Till and Michael Gira, and the woodland narco-rites of Circle's Forest as fronted by Al Cisneros from Sleep/Om.

CROW TONGUE - "Prophecies And Secrets: The Red Hand Mark In Dub" CDR $7.99
Just like it says, this CDR features nine tracks that take the original source material from the Red Hand Mark and filters it all through various dubby effects and mixing-board fuckery, remixing and "reinterpreting" the songs. The resultant tracks still retain the skeletal throb of the originals, but now they are veiled in echoey beats and trippy electronic textures, and become a druggy, darker doppelganger of Crow Tongue as whirring beats spinning from one speaker to another, the beats sometimes seeming to run backwards, heavy kosmiche drones previously hidden emerge from the depths of Crow Tongue's mutant hypnofolk. The album takes on a darker cast with these remixes, as the new titles attest: "Undead Voices", "Four Horses Ride", and "Corpse Candles" are all included on this companion disc. It's pretty intoxicating.

CRUCIFIXION WOUNDS - "Bastard Son of God" 7" $6.99
If you're a collector into the proto-black & death sounds of the early 90s, this German cult is for you. Dominated evil riffs with maniacal/hostile vocals. KVLT raw tone!

CULVER / SEPPUKU - "Dedicated to Soledad Miranda" CD $7.99
Culver, possibly the most under-appreciated "experimental" musician in the UK who's been making some of the most awe-inspiring drone/noise for years. For those of you who don't know, Lee Stokoe plays bass in post-whatever geniuses Marzuraan as well as being the current foil to Matthew Bower's walls of scraping guitar noise in Skullflower, but Culver is his "main" project. On this CD he gives us a 30 min+ deluge of harrowing.bassy drone. It starts off like the sound of the generator from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and similarly purveys a sense of crawling dread at what is to come. Soon things get more desperate before being crushed into oblivion by a wall of crushing amplifier noise, which slowly develops into a more sedative shifting tone that wouldn't have been out of place on a Conrad Schnitzler record in the 70s. Perfect! Seppuku give us two tracks in very different styles....first track "Inga" sees a full band play some unbearably heavy doom. Ushered in by what sounds like a tolling bell, this gives way to some Throbbing Gristle-esque hydraulic pumping before the guitars kick in and everything is laid to waste. Brutal low frequencies and inhuman low/screaming vokilllllls....heavy duty! Second track Emanuelle is enhanced by the appearance of Deek and Stevie from Messiah Complex; sounds very post-industrial power electronics, with walls of bleak static forming the backbone of the track, interspersed with what sounds like post-apocalyptic winds of death, and some distorted lines of screeched vocal. Unpleasant. Comes in a jewel case with a 12-page glossy booklet. Limited to 500 copies.

CWAF / NOOSEBOMB - "split" CD $7.99
How can angst, anger, and rage be captured so brilliantly on tape? This Noosebomb/ CWAF split is packed with energy and balls!. CWAF is American made grind/sludge that combines thick, heavy riffs with a powerful driving rhythm section topped off with authoritative vocals narrating fury and despair. They feature an all-star lineup—most notably John Gillis (drums) who played with legends like Today is the Day and Anal Cunt. His performance once again proves that he may be one of the best metal drummers in New England. Noosebomb, who leans more towards sludge/thrash metal, also features a well known lineup with Jeff Hayward (Grief, Disrupt) on guitar, Randy Odierno (Disrupt) on bass and Mike Butkiewicz (Bane of Existence) on drums. This confirms that any band with Hayward and his suburban critique channeled though enraged vocals is bound to make an impression. The final track, “What is the World Coming To,” is a doom- inspired masterpiece, which is just a small example of the tremendous power of Noosebomb.

DAGGERS MID FLIGHT – “self-titled” CD $7.99
An ensemble formed by members of Spider Goat Canyon and some of their buddies in fellow Melbourne bands Computer Dying and Hotel Wrecking City Traders, as an outlet for the friends to hook up and sink their collective fangs into almost stupefyingly stretched-out jams of ultra druggy space-sludge-metal. Like much of Spider Goat Canyon's recordings, this is all improvised, and the disc features two half-hour tracks of massive, crunchy sludge riffs that sound like they were pilfered off of Houdini that are turned into heaving, repetitious distorto trances plowing through sheets of cosmic fx and feedback, swirling guitar textures and low, rumbling amplifier ambience. The drumming goes from syrupy slow dirge beats to frenzies of percussive free-jazz thunder, the drummer smashing his kit in a blizzard of cymbal hiss and octopoidal chaos, then surging into hypnotic motorik beats. Imagine a stoned eternal jam session between MELVINS, GREY DATURAS and HAWKWIND - sounds pretty great, right? This is pretty great. Each of the two tracks ("Less Like Concrete" and "Dust Settling In Lungs", respectively) start off with a simple, crushing riff that is played over and over again as they nail it into the ground, and as the band begins to fully kick in and the guitar fx begin to swirl around, the drumming locks into a heavy, propulsive groove and the music morphs into a metallic krautrock monster, hypnotic and grinding, surrounded by killer feedback solos and dissonant chiming rhythm guitars that actually kind of start to sound like SONIC YOUTH a little. Great stuff, another improv-sludge crusher from the kickass Melbourne underground.

DATACLAST / EARWIGS - "split" CD $7.99
Synapse-shredding splatter electronics!! Hyperspeed eGrind glitch violence vs. crushing cosmic electronic chaos! New Jersey duo DATACLAST forge an explosive amalgamation of hyperkinetic breaks and blastbeats organically fused to spastic glitch electronica and bestial vocals with their 29 tracks, bringing post-human grind screaming into the 21st Century. DISCORDANCE AXIS hand picked these guys to open their final show, if that tells you anything. For a point of reference, imagine the surgical grindcore of prime CARCASS brutally molested by KID 606, MERZBOW, and AUTECHRE! And shadowy Northwest decibel merchants EARWIGS follow up a decade long career of twisted electronic noise abstraction with 6 tracks of new material that tanges from evocative shards of crystalline debris to Mecha-inspired blastquakes of apocalyptic throb.

DAUGHTERS - "Hell Songs" CD $7.99
The gothic metalcore/grind of Daughter's second release is a welcome new direction from the band, infusing their spastic upper-register mathblast with a heavy dose of sweaty Birthday Party n' Jesus Lizard style post punk lost in the throes of demonic metallic possession. I actually like Hell Songs alot more than Canada Songs, as we have actual songs here rather than minute long blasts of controlled chaos, and the whole lurid vibe of this disc makes it a pretty engaging listen. Daughters actually have more in common with fellow Hydra Headers Oxbow and the art-damaged hardcore of Racebannon now, while retaining the upper-fretboard gymnastics, inventive riffing, high pitched guitar squeals, and hyperspeed blastbeats that had everybody flipping out over their EP and first CD. Definitely recommended, one of the coolest non-grind grindcore albums around!

DD/MM/YYYY - "Blue Screen of Death" CD $7.99
When a band can redeem titles like "Cancer Boy On Hash" and "Welcome To The Fortress of the Fluffy Love Cloud" you know you're onto something special. But when the group effortlessly runs through 25 tunes that recall Modest Mouse, Devo, Mr. Bungle and Zappa all at the same time, it only reinforces the old adage about judging a book by its cover. Blue Screen, then, has a little of everything: guitar skronk with plaintive vocals, carnivalesque keyboard goof-offs, wonky jazzbo interludes and enough ambient noise sketches to make Brian Eno blush.

DD/MM/YYYY - "Are They Masks?" CD $7.99
The follow up album to 2005’s Blue Screen of Death, Are They Masks documents the continued evolution of the band, with twenty one new songs. Ranging from subdued atmospherics to tempo-tantrum art punk, the album retains the experimental learning of the band, while poking fun at familiar pop formats. Taking influence from the works of Frank Zappa, Melt Banana, DADA art and video games.

DEAD ELEPHANT - "Sing The Separation" CD $7.99
Loud sonic assault from this Italian power trio. Dead Elephant have a range of influences that pass through Noise, Hardcore, and Experimental to define their own meaning of heavy music. Fans of Neurosis, Unsane, & the Cherubs will find this release satisfying.

DEAD ELEPHANT - "Lowest Shared Descent" CD $7.99
Heavy-duty Italian noise rock mixed with spacey psychedelia - awesome stuff. Throughout Lowest Shared Descent, the music ranges from sludgy metallic noise-rock, avant-garde, and industrial/ambient pieces. Features guest vocals from Oxbow's Eugene Robinson on one track and another with Luca Mai, the saxophone player in fellow Italian noise makers Zu. Recommended to fans of Unsane, Neurosis, Black Elk.

DEADMEN - "Possession of the Void" 7" $6.99
Dirty, heavy, mid-paced stoner/hardcore with sick but sporadic leads. Everything is pegged and the pace creates a MOTÖRHEAD-on-'ludes vibe which is perfect when the fast bits kick in and kick you in the ass. Filthy Tragedy influenced crust punk with thick, sludgy thrash riffs. Features ex and current members of the likes of Coffinworm, Lair of the Minotaur, Whiskeytits, Suicide Note, Demiricous, Salvation, Angelville, Red Shadows, The Dream Is Dead and The Retreads.

THE DEATHSET - "Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods" CD $7.99
12 short, fast, synthesizer-heavy tracks often described as “digitized robot nightmares”. If this is the case, these hypothetical nightmares would include visions of pixie sticks, energy drinks, large, gnarly, leafless trees, cloudy night skies, full moons, and helium balloons. Sung in shrill, high-pitched voices that at times remind me of Gravy Train, at others, Melt Banana, and even sometimes, The Locust. Dig highly infectious spaz punk? Pick this CD up immediately, weirdo! Along with remixes by BONDE DO ROLE and DAN DEACON, the enhanced portion of the CD includes a live video of Negative Thinking, from the band’s stunning performance at the Mauled By Tigers Festival in Chicago and a hand silkscreened 10 inch x 15 inch flag (full back patch).

DENTIST / CORTISOL - "Only Meat Israel" CD $7.99
Further proving our staunch belief that French Canadians are consistently producing some of the most whacked out metal on the planet at the moment, comes this split CD entitled "Only Meat Israel" featuring Montreal grindcore trio Dentist back to back with terminal art-doom weirdos Cortisol. Wait a sec...Dentist? Complete with umlauts over the "i"? Had to hope that all of their songs were going to be conceptually based around that most dreaded of professions, but it's hard to tell what the hell they're actually about, with songs titled "Suicide Sheeps", "March Of The MILF", and "No Pain, No Sandwich". Dentist's music is weird, crushing grind, a mashup of Infest and extreme sludgecore, goofball Meatmen style hardcore, bizarre samples, and weird rhythmic breakdowns. Kinda have the same vibe as fellow Canadians FUCK THE FACTS, tho Dentist are way sillier. Hell yeah, their 9 songs freaking crush! This split album turns even more confusional when we realize that the members of Dentist are also the members of Cortisol, making the former an alter-ego of the latter. When the Cortisol tracks kick in with their 3 long tracks though, things turn deadly serious, starting with the morose crust-doom blast of "Hog Tied 2k6". They continue to carve out an abstract, angular form of extreme doom metal, super slooow and complex, with almost math-rock-type riffs frozen to a dead crawl, their grinding glacial riffs littered with odd electronic noises and ghoulish screeching vocals, like a rotted out hybrid of KHANATE and HARVEY MILK. "Mobile Myth" devolves a crushing angular dirge into a mist of finely ground glass, and the closer "Evening Wrench Map" goes out on a somewhat melodic monster of a riff riding on a bashing drum assault. So you get two faces of the same band, one an absurdist ultragrind outfit and the other one of the heaviest, most abstracted math-sludge bands on the planet, combined for one serious dose of fucked up heaviness!

DER TODESKING - "Dead Horse" 7" $6.99
Der Todesking is the best American punk band with a German name since Die Kreuzen. Drawing from disparate influences like the low-end throb of latter-era Black Flag and the disjointed yelp of the Jesus Lizard's David Yow and Wrangler Brutes/Born Against's Sam McPheeters, the band operates on a level of punk not usually emulated by most groups. Rather than going for '77 style anthems or '80s hardcore, Der Todesking's sounds fall in that time between punk's hardcore days and the rise of alternative rock in the early '90s. Limited to 300 copies.

DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS - "Clear Light" CD $7.99
Destructo Swarmbots has carved a unique niche for themselves over the past 4 years. Their live shows consist of chaotic walls of white noise, improvised textures and battered instruments. Their recordings are delicate, at times meditative, washes of ambience constructed from countless piles of tortured sounds. Influenced heavily by 200+ needle-dropped, out of print psyche records, "Clear Light" is their strongest effort yet and the next step on their journey to artistic isolation.

DEVILLOCK - "These Graves" CD $7.99
Devillock is Justin Chris Meyers on organ, tapes and electronics. He also runs the Tone Filth label and also plays as Panther Skull. 'These Graves' is his debut on a real CD, but he has released handmade tapes and CDRs. He offers four tracks of densely layered sound, knitting all the sounds he can find together. Slowing down old reel to reel tapes on the title track provide another dark gesture in this music. Devillock doesn't play harsh noise as such, but he provides a pretty noise related drone sound. Minimal piercing sounds, mainly the lower region of the sound spectrum, making this quite a menacing affair. Noise as it's supposed to be: menacing, not by the harshness of it's sound, but by the content of what its sound has to offer. Despite it's title and bandname, I think it's a much more serious affair than the average noise attack. Great stuff.

DIAGRAM A / CHROME JACKSON - "split" 7" $6.99
Two solo projects with roots deep in Providence, Rhode Island. The Diagram A track is an emblematic blast of cracked electronics, lit by bonfires and heard through a busted telephone headset. Athletic Automaton/ex-Arab on Radar guitarist Chrome Jackson creates a fevered roundelay of murky amplifier noise, spliced with ocean-deep reverb and spikes of red spittle.

DISAPPEARER - "The Clearing" CD $7.99
Huge metallic riffing infused with soaring melodies, streaks of spacey guitar and dense melodic chords formed into majestic hooks can be found on every single song on here. There's powerful singing, rough and gritty, a tuneful bellow that echoes across the pummeling, propulsive sludge rock, and every song has this moody, somber feel, which reveals the apparent love for JOY DIVISION that the members of Disappearer share. Catchy and heavy, the songs sound like a mix of JAWBOX and KARP and MELVINS. There are plenty of bands that heard TORCHE and decided they too could write "pop" songs. But these melodies are fucking great, matched with solid songwriting that really turns this into a cogent whole and not just a collection of mindlessly sludgy jams. Disappearer reinvented themselves here into something terrific, taking the best parts of contempo sludge metal and classic post-punk and, yeah, some of the 90's "post-hardcore" sound of Quicksand and combining it all into a devestating, deeply moving slab of underground rock that is as heavy and catchy as TORCHE or HARVEY MILK without sounding like either band. Highly recommended!

DREAD - "Buried In Narcissism" CD $7.99
Disgustingly slow and hateful death sludge from this Boston outfit that features former members of the mighty satanic punk/doom/metal band Upsidedown Cross. Dread's debut completely crushes, serving up ten tracks of old school, primitive, sludgy death metal damage that crawls along at a pulverizing tempo, the riffs super distorted and bass-heavy, the shrieking tortured vocals dusted in distortion and hard narcotics, lyrics filled to the brim with misanthropic's like hearing sludge core legends Grief glazed over with a thick sheen of Merzbowian skuzz. This band KILLS. Dread's riffs are heavy and bludgeoning enough, but it's those misery-wracked vocals that really push Dread's sound into a whole 'nuther level of Hell, the screaming and shrieking pushed through extreme levels of gruesome distortion, and it ends up sounding a lot like the kind of vocal delivery you hear from power electronics groups. The songs tend to focus on a single pounding monochromatic riff, but sometimes the music slips into a drunken, Sabbath-like swaggering groove, and occasionally the guitarist will rip into a wailing bluesy guitar solo that comes out of nowhere, or the guitars wobble in and out of tune, adding to their sickly, and dope sick vibe. Not that you're gonna confuse anything that these guys do for feel-good music - with song titles like "Ringworm Migration", "Depths Of Your Flaws", "Repugnant", and "Contemplating Suicide Or Murder", there's no doubt that the members of Dread are totally immersed in nihilism, debasement, and ugliness. Sure sounds great to me. The best reference point that I can think of for this disc would be somewhere in between the noxious negative sludge of early Fistula, Noothgrush, and Toadliquor, and the gruesome lumbering death of Autopsy, Cianide and early Grave infused with the same don't-give-a-fuck, hate-everyone vibe as their buddies in Kilslug and Anal Cunt. Gnarly!

A compilation of extreme nihilistic sludge and black doom that will shred your nerves and leave you a pitiful, drooling mess. Featuring FISTULA, GRIEF, MOSS, RAMESSES, NEGATIVE REACTION, SOULPREACHER, THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN.

DREAR / GREAT AMERICAN DESERT - "Warring Against The Sun / Solipsis" CD $7.99
Desolate, Luciferian, God-Crushing Blackened Doom Metal. Born in the Osage Plains at the foot of the Eastern Hills; transplanted into the grey, rain-drenched landscape of the Northwest... Great American Desert is the essence of desolation, the sonic representation of Lucifer on Earth, and the emanation of the Demonic philosophy of its mastermind. A vehicle for hatred, disgust and majestic mindscape. Drear play raw blackened Doom, snatching glimpses at the futility of Man and the failure of the universe.

THE DRILLS - "Skull Death 2" 7" $6.99
Recorded in 1981, "Skull Death 2" is one of those very special records that any shred of talent would completely ruin. This shit is the sound of a million dust bunnies getting yelled at by the tweekiest tweeker in all of Washington State while wielding a vacuum. Shitty recording, horrible songwriting, yet somehow PURE GENIUS. The guitars just sound like noise (although the riffs are discernable) and there is an amazing out-of-nowhere, what-the-fuck, twice-as-loud-as-the-rest-of-the-levels over-dub dropped in at the end of track one. Like "No Rule" by LEATHER NUN, if they were more hardcore.

EL BUZZARD - "tranquilizante del elefante" CD $7.99
The latest rumblings felt in California, crushing homes and sending school children under their desks is not another West Coast earthquake. Its the devestation coming from the amps of EL BUZZARD! Featuring ex members of Californian legends MOHINDER and DUSTER, EL BUZZARD blare out monsterous riffs and a "fuck this shit" attitude, building some of the most cataclysmic and lumbering sounds heard since the hay day of the MELVINS. This six song release, with the befitting title of Tranquilizante Del Elefante (elephant tranquilizer) is a follow up to the bands self released, self titled CD which recieved praise from publications such as Alternative Press magazine. EL BUZZARD pound their instruments into submission, every once in a while allowing them to spew out a contorted JESUS LIZARD or ORANGE GOBLIN inspired sound, layered in impurity. One listen and you will be done. The CD version contains a video for the song "Pilar of Fire".

EMERGENCY HAND PUPPET - "Please To Enjoy" CD $7.99
Emergency Hand Puppet is a new solo project of Greg F. (Fear of Dolls) made up of sound collage and other noise experiments, created mostly from applying damage and torture to obscure vinyl records.

END THE AGONY - "From The Lungs" 7" $6.99
A cathartic, bleak, draining noise-rock duo from Brighton, these Cat On Form dudes bring some pained, negative vibes in a NOOTHGRUSH / CORRUPTED style!

ESB / THE FANTASTIK HOLE - "split" CD $7.99
A vicious double-shot of French avant-grind! We were already fans of The Fantastikol Hole, a drummachine-powered outfit that mashes insanely complex and jagged grindcore with equally confounding digital rhythms, massive blastbeat action, and a fractured IDM vibe that is somewhat comparable to the kind of fucked-up electronica beats that Genghis Tron employed on Dead Mountain Mouth. If you're a fan of weird, schizophrenic, futuristic-sounding grindcore, you seriously need to check this one out. So here we are with this new split album which features a whopping 17 tracks from the 'Hole, all of them new and exclusive, and just as awesome sounding as their album. Blistering neo-grind metal, with angular meaty riffing and bestial shrieks/distorto roars trading off, is torn apart and stapled back together with glitchy fractured beats, passages of almost total silence suddenly welling up out of a blasting math grind tornado, abrasive electronic textures, breakbeats, weird dissonant rock riffing, bits of French cafe music, samples of mysterious wind instruments, and weird unidentifiable percussive noises. Seriously weird and megaheavy and surreal, like Genghis Tron, Pig Destroyer, and Antigama mashed together with random transmissions of French pop and IDM and old hip hop 12"s into a super heavy and ultra damaged cyclone of electro blastcore violence. How were ESB going to match up to the bizarreness and brutality of The Fantastikol Hole? Not too shabby, actually. Hadn't heard these guys before this split, but we definitely dug their freaked out version of chaotic grindcore, which manages to sound like they take influence from both 90's powerviolence and epic French post-hardcore. Yeah, that might seem weird, but their 12 songs manage to pack in an interesting combination of brutal HC damage a la Infest and Crossed Out with majestic, melodic parts that remind us of bands like Gantz, Amanda Woodward, Cortez, and Envy. Cortez sort of did the same thing, blending brutal grindy HC with epic, brooding heaviness, but ESB are way more ragged and thrashy and savage sounding, while throwing in the odd electronic noise track, sudden departures into French pop, and alien sounding electronic textures into the mix to keep things interesting.

FISTFUCK - "Felicitation Pour Votre Beau Programme" CD $7.99
Latest release from these insane grindcore bastards from Canada! A must for fans of Dahmer, ThinkShit, Warsore, Nasum, etc!

FISTULA / BURMESE - "split" CD $7.99
Hyper destructive low-end violence from two of the American underground's most ferocious hate-sludge outfits. A dual assault from feedback-warriors BURMESE and battle-sludge titans FISTULA. BURMESE annhilate everything before them with a lethal blast of low frequency skree tantrums, cough-syrup drenched blastbeats, WHITEHOUSE-worshipping noise, and demonic free improvised violence. Think KHANATE, DROPDEAD, EARTH, and MERZBOW in an earth shattering, widow-making basement deathmatch. Ohio 's FISTULA batter up with megaheavy sludge, blistering blackened thrash, diseased rock, and some incredibly infectious riffs . Hear these tarpit battle anthems, hail the low frequency berserker. BURMESE burn you down...FISTULA pisses all over the ashes.

FISTULA - "Goat" CD $7.99
Ohio is rotting. Fistula deliver another heavy dose of their septic, filthy, lumbering death-sludge in the form of Goat, a five-song Ep of low-fi and low-end nihilistic filth and rabies-laced caveman thrash with songs based on the ghoulish discovery and subsequent investigation of the eleven decomposing bodies found in the Cleveland home of Anthony Sowell in the Autumn of 2009. This new disc delivers more of the pulverizing, slime-covered sludge and primitive death metal rot that these Buckeye barbarians have been carving out in the back of Medina garages over the past ten years, continuing to follow in the coagulated blood tracks of Frost, Autopsy and Winter, but filtered through Fistula's uniquely mangled and inebriated scum-haze and utterly negatory worldview.

FORGARDUR HELVITIS - "Gerningavedur" CD $7.99
These Icelandic blackgrind fiends have been almost entirely overlooked by the extreme metal community, which is a shame...these guys have been around since 1991, and their hybrid of epic punky grindcore and primitive black metal sure is pretty damn crushing. There's no mistaking Iceland for a hotbed of extreme metal activity, though, and even with a handful of releases under their belt, these guys remain a somewhat obscure band from off of the beaten path of the global grind underground. For those that do discover Forgarður Helvítis via their 7" releases or this raging, little-heard album from 2002, you get a fucking ferocious blend of frostbitten buzzsaw riffs, weird pogo punk parts, ultra crusty grind cloned from cell matter from the dawn of the Earache catalog, an endlessly pummeling percussive attack of blastbeats and thrashy punk speed, rabid indecipherable screams that are sometimes run through some trippy FX, with weird little vocal/noise interludes in between some of the songs. Imagine Retro-Bution-era Extreme Noise Terror on a steady diet of Immortal, but rawer and more freaked out. This is raging stuff, but the one real mind-frying moment of this album is the very last track, a three minute blast of white-noise wall that sounds like fifty grind bands playing all at the same time, a massive caustic blast of white hot grindnoise of Merzbowian proportions that slowly coalesces into a ramshackle hyperspeed blast of blackened crust. Rippin'!

FROGSKIN / TAUNT - "split" 7" $6.99
Finally this nasty, alcohol imbued and drug-abusing cluster bomb has arrived! Each band one song. While both playing the same style of dirty, grooving sludge, they still emphasize their own approach and blend. Taunt with a monumental, 1 riff-based but very varied song that crumbles every piece of dope. Foaming with rage, Frogskin on the other hand blow out a rumbling blast of a song, spitting acid in nearly 8 minutes. While Taunt are self-destructive and desperate, Frogskin concentrate on suffering, pain and anger. Imported from Germany. Limited to 500 copies.

FT (THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT) - "Guns of August" CD $7.99
Guns of August is a call to arms that incorporates all styles of music in its attempt to break down genres and topple governments. FT the SG's lineup reads like a list of old war veterans, with members of Ten Grand, Forstella Ford, Tornavalanche, and Head of Femur. Also enlisted for this recording were members of Call Me Lightning and Shedding. Guns of August is an album that allows fans of both BLACK FLAG and BLACK DICE to join together and share in a protest song or two.

Debut EP from west bay California punk junkers. This is dirty vintage American waster hardcore, sounds simular to Negative FX or Bad Posture. Pissed off. Contains ex members of Spazz and Capitalist Casualties.

GAY WITCH ABORTION - "Maverick" CD $7.99
This two-piece rock outfit cultivates a sonic identity that summons what the hypothetical raping of The Black Keys by Big Black might sound like. The result is a relentless and uncompromising breed of breakneck sludge rock that’s only occasionally peppered with a vocal drone. But the relative absence of singing from GWA’s approach is almost certainly by design, because their sound functions best as a pure, simple two-piece rock assault hammering out New Wave of British Metal riffs played fast and loud—really loud—with thunderous drumming behind them. If you close your eyes, you might find yourself imagining your childhood, putting you fingers in to the ceiling fan, it hurts, but it brings a sense of power and risk. Doing the wrong thing, instead of the right thing. Perhaps drawing blood, breaking something. Getting in trouble. This is your soundtrack. Punishing and aggressive, a tornado’s ballad.

GHADDAR / PANACEJA - "split" 7" $6.99
International split, GHADDAR from Allentown, PA and PANACEJA from Rijeka, Croatia. Brutal as hell powerviolence-influenced hardcore.

GHAST / ABANDONER – “split” CD $7.99
GHAST: tortured, slow black doom like Moss, Bunkur and Corrupted.
ABANDONER: sparse, post-industrial noise landscapes, a sort of even more twisted, less melodic Wolf Eyes done by members of UNEARTHLY TRANCE.

GHOST AQUARIUM - "Light Cannot Escape" b/w "Spiritual Cramp" 7" $6.99
Early Dinosaur Jr. meets "Only Theater of Pain" Christian Death!! Limited to 300 copies on marbled vinyl!!!

GORT - "Plan of Attack" CD $7.99
One guitar, one drum set. Brutal, lo-fi, rumblings from the great beyond. Gort deals in some serious downer noise rock—think Unsane with 1/3 less the manpower but no less sonic bombast and caustic sludge-mongering in the offing.

They use tongue-in-cheek aliases like Ultra, Alena The Burning Witch, and Koffin666, but Gospel Of The Future are definitely not fucking around. This Czech band throws it all into the ring on their debut album: painfully slow and grueling sludgecore riffs, sudden surges of murderous crusty thrash, blastbeats, feedback and pedal FX noise splattered everywhere. It's an approach similiar to the gnarly sludgeviolence bands that have been coming out of the UK since the late 90's like Blackeye Riot, Iron Monkey, Mistress, Charger, Lazarus Blackstar, and Helvis - total detuned skuzz metal. The eight song disc is presented in a sleek 6-panel glossy digipack, using minimal high contrast artwork to good effect, and it's a stellar debut that anyone into low-slung brutality will love, with an oppressively filthy, hateful feel. The vocals sound psychotic and are completely blown out and distorted, like the singer is shrieking through a broken megaphone, and the band keeps the songs varied and interesting by changing up the tempos throughout, charging through rocking noisy riffing and midtempo drumming one minute, and shifting into rolling tribal beats or super slow doom crawls the next. Some of the guitar playing on here is demented too, like the ultra manic shredding on "Cabal", the bass sounds like a jackhammer stuck in slomo, and the band makes excellent use of samples in a couple of spots to add to their nihilistic atmosphere. Crucial, crushing skum sludge with an aggressive noise rock element that's as heavy as it gets.

GRAVE IN THE SKY - "Cutlery Hits China:English For Hearing Impaired" CD $7.99
Yeah, you could call this Doom, it's definitely very slow and very grim sounding, but it's also so blown out and damaged and NOISY that it borders on a kind of psychedelic noise-dirge...seriously, the five tracks on the oddly named Cutlery Hits China: English For The Hearing Impaired are so fucked up sounding that it makes me think of what it would sound like if you teamed up the members of Wolf Eyes with the original Electric Wizard lineup, I'm thinking of Dopethrone in particular here. Massive black-hole sludge jams of plodding, pounding, sloppy slow-motion drumming rumbling over sheets of terrifying processed vocal noise and gargling screams, all kinds of messed-up modulated electronic wreckage floating around in a black filth haze, and ribcage rattling bass guitar vomiting up totally damaged Iommi riffing into a technicolor low fi spew pool. The songs don't even have real titles, each one is named after a movie ("Donnie Darko", "The Descent", "Straw Dogs", The Devils Rejects"), and all of the "lyrics" are apparently lifted straight from DVD subtitles of various horror and crime flicks; it's not like I can verify that, as I haven't eaten nearly enough barbituates to decode Grave In The Sky's tripped out sludge. The one exception is the last track "Scum", a blackened blast of fried feedback drone mayhem, tribal percussion, and mindmelting chanted vocals blasting out of other dimensions. Obviously, I think that Cutlery fucking ROCKS, it's sort of like a sludgier Gravitar but totally blown out and charred, metallized and completely drowning in 'Tussin, or Khanate fused with Hawkwind and Burmese. I can imagine the free-noise rawk heads into the sounds of Double Leopards, Gravitar, Mouthus, and White Mice eating this up just as much as the extreme sludge crush junkies into bands like Bunkur, Khanate, Halo, Unearthly Trance, and Boris' slowest, heaviest jams. Fucked up, trippy as hell drugdroom noise insanity.

GREY DATURAS - "Dead In The Woods" CD $7.99
A re-issue of the out-of-print 2004 monsterpiece from the Melbourne, Australian trio Grey Daturas. Originally released through the band's own Crashing Jets imprint, Dead In The Woods is a massive exhortation of lumbering metallic sludge rock, freely improvised amplifier noise and crushing riff splatter, and massive, sky-streaking psychedelic corrosion. The Crucial Blast re-issue of Dead In The Woods features a full remastering by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound, and will also come with a brand new packaging design via a 4-panel case printed by Stumptown Printers.

GUAPO - "Five Suns" CD $7.99
Guapo is a British trio that plays an intense music that straddles the boundaries of progressive, noise, minimalism and avant-rock. Their sound has been compared to such artists as Magma, Boredoms, King Crimson, Univers Zero, This Heat, Ruins, Sun Ra and Terry Riley. As Sound Projector put it, "Guapo come on like all the hellhounds of Magma, Eskaton and Ruins were after them...on a par with Magmas Kohntarkosz or Univers Zeros Ceux Du Dehors". Five Suns is Guapos most apocalyptic and dynamically accomplished work to date, bringing a new sense of sonic and spatial awareness to the band's trademark sensibilities of complex song structures, harmonic atonality and percussive mantras. The Five Suns makes use of vintage equipment such as Fender Rhodes, mellotron, Moogs and gongs to create a color-saturated patchwork of epic, primordial beauty. The new instrumentation has allowed their sound into more ambitious vistas, where progressive influences are turned on their head by both the infusion of hardcore rock energy and the use of hypnotic, trance-like repetition. Over the course of the 46 minute title track, as well as the two additional pieces on the album, the manic jazz-inflected drumming, brooding zeuhl bass and pointillist keyboards maintain a relentless driving momentum while deftly negotiating a carefully controlled ebb and flow. "...sipping from the same dark chalice that intoxicated Larks Tongues era King Crimson..."- The Wire.

HABSYLL - "Habsyll" CD $7.99
Unbelievably heavy and slow amplifier overload from France! Two long tracks of uber-doom which is seemingly devoid of any coherant structure and exists only to open up a black void in your stereo speakers through which to suck out your very soul. Habsyll sound to me like a less happy-go-lucky Khanate, or Monarch without the hipster irony. Totally morbid! Lovely 8-panel digipaks with black-on-black printing.

HARD VENOM / ADALRUNA - "The Broken Swords of Despotic Villainy" CD $7.99
Two UK black metal bands come together for 74 minutes of black metal fury! Hard Venom seems to draw a lot of influence from all genres of metal: Thrash, Speed, Power, Black, Progressive, etc. There is even a little punkish influence as well. In a genre that has so many copycat conformitive clones, Hard Venom have managed to find a way to add a little variety into the otherwise stagnate world of black metal. Adalruna is for anyone who digs stripped down, raw black metal. Adalruna have a unique sound, but they keep true to the essence of BLACK METAL!!! Limited to 100 copies.

HATED YOUTH / ROACH MOTEL - "split" LP $9.99
Two scorching, early '80s Florida hardcore bands of yore, one great split LP. Nineteen previously unreleased HATED YOUTH tracks from 1984, backed with thirteen rowdy, raunchy Roach Motel songs recorded live in 1983, including a wacky cover song. Packaged with an eight-page lyric/photo book.

HELLBOY 106 - "Some People Make Better Looking Corpses Than Others" CDR $7.99
Hellboy 106 is an one man band, started up on 2006.There's no high-technology equipment on this project, just analogue sounds, a bunch of analogue effects and some recordings of machines, humans and animals.The whole concept behind Hellboy 106 is to transform/translate visual arts into sounds. Like Merzbow jamming with Marcel Duchamp or Nurse With Wound collaborating with Jackson Pollack. Packaged in a 7" sleeve with a sticker. Imported from Greece. Limited to 80 hand numbered copies.

HEP-Z - "Centavos" CD $7.99
Stoner rock parody or a fist-banging 80's hardrock masterpiece- you decide. Pre-dates their "Day Planner Of A Madman" album.

HOG MOUNTIN / MOSE - "split" CD $7.99
An excellent split album of pissed-off, pulverizing sludgecore from Hog Mountin and Mose. Hog Mountin drop three tracks of greasy, demonic boogie-sludge that sounds like it's being played by a bunch of whiskey chugging mountain barbarians from the backwoods of Alabama, clad in animal skins and bone necklaces, recording their sprawling, 10+ minute jams of psychedelic sludgecrust in an abandoned chicken shack. Which might very well be the case. This is slow, pounding sludgecore in the vein of Eyehategod, Weedeater, and Buzzoven, but with an even heavier propensity to take a riff and ride it out into infinity. Great song titles too: "Harvest Temple", "13 Horns", and "Dirt Worshiper" all drip with a sinister rural scumfuck vibe. Great shit. Then comes Mose, the Belgian sludge weirdos which features members of Neuthrone and former Southern Lord outfit Thee Plague Of Gentlemen as well as a current member of Kiss The Anus Of The Black Cat. Mose deliver three songs which are even more raw and low-fi than the Hog Mountin tracks; "Fistful Of Broken Nails" and "How To Kill A Pig" move from torturous, heavy as hell mud-crawling sludge a la Eyehategod/Grief to weird melodic, mathy breaks and oddly catchy choruses, fronted by a drooling, drawled blackened rasp that makes Mose sound pretty diseased. The final track "Atlas Shrugging" is even slower and more strung out, a glacial death-blues processional marching over heavy blackened amplifier wreckage for about nine minutes, and then suddenly breaks down into a very weird math rock coda. I still can't put my finger on exactly what the fuck these guys are doing, but it sounds great. Really heavy and crushing yet uniquely weird.

HOOVES NOT HANDS - "Swollen" CD $7.99
Melvins ultra-worship from Sweden (down to the sweet "Bullhead"-style cover art) that includes members of Bacon Wagon, Slöa Knivar and Massmord. Sludge rock riffs slash and carve through pounding obsessive rhythms like the Ramones on Quaaludes. Recommended for fans of Melvins, Helmet and Boris.

HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM - "Gold From The Sea" CD $7.99
Old school doom metal meets Italian horror prog a la Goblin? This French band came from out of nowhere with this four song disc that combines traditional doom with a keyboard-heavy sound that sounds exactly like Candlemass or Saint Vitus hooked up with the awesome vintage synthesizers of Claudio Simonetti or Fabio Frizzi. Well, not exactly...the sound of Horrors Of The Black Museum is vastly heavier than any of those old doom bands as the band doesn't use any guitars, just bass, massively distorted bass that has a huge processed tone that makes it sound insanely crushing. And I mean CRUSHING. The riffs on this album have to be some the heaviest that I've ever heard. And the vocals are awesome, too. The singer has a deep baritone croon that is part Ozzy, part Bowie, and part Dax Riggs, a flamboyant velvety croon that works perfectly with HOTBM's crushing prog-doom, cuz' this guy can really sing. He's one of the best singers for a doom metal band that I've heard in ages. And the songs are super catchy, especially "Dead Men Shed No Tears" and the devestating cover of "Hiding Mask" from The Obsessed. These songs have awesomely sinister hooks that have totally embedded their barbs in my brain, and whenever the proggy Goblin synths kick in, man, it's awesome, like hearing Zombi playing over crushing epic doom. The coolness continues on this disc with a pulpy Lovecraft/Weird Tales visual aesthetic that gives the package some kitschy charm, and the name of the band itself is taken from a cult British horror movie from the late 50's.

Across the album the ghosts of Torche, Karma To Burn, Mogwai, Capricorns, Goliath Bird Eater, Circle, and of course, Zeppelin and Sabbath, rise from the tracks like hypnotic, post-metal leviathans. Hailing from Australia, the band have that fuzzed up sound perfected, with deranged slices of noise heaven that pummel you into a grinning pool of pulped flesh. The other thing that finally strikes you about the album is that it is an instrumental, something that takes a while to sink in; the riffs so powerful and fluid that you don’t even notice the lack of words within the songs. It is an album that occupies some kind of middle ground between rock, post-rock and metal, demonstrating an evolved interplay between musical styles that has produced an album of not only sheer volume and seismic riffs, but of shapes, textures, space, and density.

All the noise you've come to love from this group, except this time around they decided to use some beats, imagine Christoph Debabylon and Slayer smoking Lebanese Blonde Hash inside the Swans rehearsal room with Duran Duran spinning in the back ground. Limited to 100 copies.

HOTGUITARS - "Hierarkia" CD $7.99
HOTGUITARS are Teemu Korpipaa and Jyrki Laiho, who are both members of Finnish hypno-rockers CIRCLE (Jyrki currently, Teemu formerly), as well as doing time in STALWART, EKTROVERDE, and LEE MILLER...But HOTGUITARS is a far cry from CIRCLE and family. This is space-blasting abstract guitar noise, with lots of glitchy pulses and sub-technoid rhythms created from looped guitars, endless washes of textured noise, spiralling melodies, crunchy string bash, squealing bouts of freeform feedback blurt and pickup/fretboard mangle...but swirling into surprisingly pretty miasmas most of the time. HOTGUITARS explore similiar axe- terrain as K.K. NULL and SOLMANIA, so fans of those Japanese guitar/effects shamans will find much to like. But this album is also a collaboration with Finnish poet Santuu Puuka, whose stern, ominous sermons add an utterly surreal haze to HOTGUITARS axe abuse. Killer abstract avant-guitar shrapnel.

HOW WE LOST THE WAR - "Jaywalker" clear vinyl 7" $6.99
Six new tracks of blistering powerviolence, from Brooklyn's How We Lost the War. 350 copies pressed on clear vinyl.

HUMAN HOST - "Exploding Demon" CD $7.99
The ten tracks on this disc form an apocalyptic science-fiction space opera of sorts, complete with futuristic synth doodling, strange sounds from various gadgets, and lots of singing / shouting of lyrics. A couple of songs were recorded live, but sound perfectly at home among the studio-induced madness. Cryptic, even bizarre ideas about song structure and sound keep things interesting. If you like your perverse electronica weird and obsessed with science-fiction themes, you'll want to check this out.

HUNDRED DOLLAR BAND - "Waves And Particles" CD $7.99
The Hundred Dollar Band is the new collective led by Alastair Galbraith, a New Zealand legend who has released scores of loner psychedelia over the years. Joining Galbraith on vocals, violin and guitar are his wife Maxine Funke on cello, guitar and transceivers, and Mike Dooley (The Enemy, Toy Love) on drums, spoons and fireworks. Waves and Particles contains live recordings and home recordings, captured on a four-track, half-inch tape machine in all its hazy glory. The album abruptly takes off with swirling drones and falling drums, a sea of metal strings weaving in and out of the mix. The second song is an updated version of Plagal Grind's 1989 "Midnight Blue," that swings out the core of the original melody to a shuffling and expanded workout. The record settles down toward the end, where a group ritual and meditation in "Chronicle Fireworks" creates a Jack Nitzsche score to a Manson murder scene. The drummer is killed off, husband and wife kick on a buzzing rhythm machine and feast on the gore with the closing "Engine Song," reducing the gristle and bone to a distorted glaze.

INFIDEL?/CASTRO! - "Bioentropic Damage Fractal" 2 x CD (DOUBLE CD) $7.99
Undefineable, uncatagorizeable, INFIDEL? / CASTRO! return with Bioentropic Damage Fractal,a 14-part, 2-disc epic of electro-acoustic experimental electronics harsh noise / ambient metal / avant post-rock that travels the extremes of density and sparsity, speed and sluggishness, length and brevity, beauty and ugliness. Hyper-complex and hyper-epic, the band weaves an engrossing tapestry of spastic electronic carnage, sweeping melodic bliss, futuristic heaviness, and swirling, hypnotic walls of sound. Concepts of degradation and the inherent instability of the organic are thoroughly explored in this cohesive and focused double CD. Features Colin Marston of DYSRHYTHMIA and BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS.

INVISIBLE FROG - "Space Makes Noise" CD $7.99
This Belgian duo used a stripped down lineup of drums and guitar to craft ten lengthy tracks of sci-fi obsessed shred/prog/grind devestation, each track exploding into intricate mini-cyclones of progged out math blast, like Orthrelm taking a bunch of Botch riffs and stretching them out into five minute jams. Spastic, dissonant riffs race over tornado drumming that goes from grindcore speed to angular breakdowns, and the songs are wrapped up in super complex structures that get pretty mind-boggling. Alot of this might even be improvised for all I know, and when the band really get going into full on mach 20 mode, the effect is like hearing Flying Luttenbachers channeling Morbid Angel style atonal deathshred. Fucking dizzying shit. The artwork for Space Makes Noise is totally fucking insane, too.

IRE - "I Discern an Overtone of Tragedy in Your Voice" CD $7.99
This strikes with the subtlety of a sledge hammer powering down on your noggin. IRE combine slow to mid-tempo with a heavy force that pushes force with strength. They bring to mind HIS HERO IS GONE, in the way they create this massive wall of noize that has a crushing weight, almost an auditor (sic) destructive force. Dark, brooding, and abrasive. Then there's a part of this band that reminds me of the punishing aspects of GRIEF. Methodic at moments with corrosive vocals. IRE play the kind of music you listen to alone in the dark late late late at night. Or early in the morning, depending on where you stand.

JACUZZI SUICIDE - "s/t" 7" $6.99
Asheville, NC's Jacuzzi Suicide features past & present members of many notable bands: Kakistocracy, Princess Thunderstorm, Ressurectum, Electric Damn, Hadaka Matsuri, Space Weed, Sports, Reagan's Bones, Bomb Threat, Weapons Of Massturbation, etc. This, however, sounds nothing like any of these bands. Imagine people from bands like these deciding to go outside of the punk spectrum & focus more on a Judas Priest, early Motley Crue kinda worship. Cowbells, falsetto vox, & guitar "solos". DIY stadium rock w/a glam twist.

JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE means "Japanese combat radio play" auf Deutsch and they are absolutely raging with their admirably busy grindcore which also has a varied attack and isn’t afraid to explore tempos not usually found within the genre. They dive into punk, death-grind and jazz and flirt with flashed of electro. But what should sound cluttered and clumsy kicks like a mule in fuck-you cleats. ARE YOU GOD from Brazil follow up with some dashing grindcore rock! Fans of grind that have lost some faith in the genre, definitely need to get this album.

JUCIFER / SHOW OF BEDLAM - "split" CD $7.99
JUCIFER's songs on this split are probably the heaviest stuff from this amazing duo. The 4 songs are really different but very heavy, forget the nice voice of the cute girl on the other albums, you'll only find a demented and crazy girl who scream all the way! This D.I.Y. recording sound will remind you JUCIFER live. SHOW OF BEDLAM from Montréal are also a band led by a demented girl. Can you imagine SAINT VITUS with JARBOE on vocals? S.O.B. are a heavier version of this crazy proposition. That's the new band from the guys of SEIZED and TOWARD DARKNESS. For fans of MADE OUT OF BABIES and BATTLE OF MICE.

JUNKO & MICHAEL HENRITZI - "Fear of Music" b/w "Berlin, With Love" 7" 6.99
The stamina-defying screamer of Japanese noise and longtime vocalist for HIJO KAIDAN joins wrecker of civilization and one-third of THE DUSTBREEDERS for two sides of very pleasant unpleasantness. MICHEL HENRITZI’s improvised guitar-playing is the real surprise here, with its curiously cinema-conscious restraint, hovering around the perplexing intersection of an imaginary Giallo scored by Morricone and the calm brunch entertainment at a grim eastern European café. Quite a deviation from the “glorious, unholy racket” of his vinyl-noise trio. JUNKO, meanwhile, colors the foreground with her trademark bird-getting-strangled-by-a-dentist-on-a-chalkboard vocals (say whatever you want, comedian, she’s heard it all before) but here shrieks with almost zero adornment, to the point where she achieves an unusual variation on repetitive minimalism. The sublime tension between the two players forms a rarely heard, abject desperation that seems impossible to satisfy. Edition of 100.

KADAVER - "Molested Into Form" CD $7.99
Taking up where SUTCLIFF JUGEND and SICKNESS left off, “Molested into Form” is the soundtrack to accompany our species’ inevitable (and, some would say, welcome) demise. This is the sound of human cancer, the sound of the last hopeless spasm of existence. The searing, painful, blasting electronics that make up the ten tracks on offer resemble the static of a human culture scrambled, all of its digital outpourings irreversibly damaged but still spewing forth in grand crescendo. Through the streams of machine-built chaos are disorientating samples, layers of interference and sonic booms designed to harm body and mind. "Black Death Return to Me" and the two "Project Suicide" tracks are where the assault peaks, with electronic white noise blasts sounding like nothing so much as barbed wire being pulled through your brain, or an over-sharp dentist’s drill going way too deep into pristine enamel. Modulations in the screeching sound offer a surprising amount of structure, but it’s still an absolute relief when the sound drops out and the tracks end. You don't really get projects with this much pent up anger anymore. Also included is a tribute to Jörg Buttgereit’s classic underground film “Nekromantik”!!! Packaged in a jewelcase with a 6-page foldout booklet.

KAITEN - "Turning of the Heavens" CD $7.99
TURNING OF THE HEAVENS is the debut album from KAITEN, the collaborative project featuring Erik Jarl (IRM, JARL) and Lirim Cajani (INSTITUT, OPERATIV PERMANENT). As would be expected from an alliance of these two Swedish artists, KAITEN is a foray into dark, dense, and superb harsh electronics. Taking their name from the infamous Japanese manned torpedoes, a submarine counterpart of the Kamikaze planes of WWII, KAITEN submerges the listener in a world of claustrophobic, shuddering tension.Distorted echoes of mayhem resonate against the hull of a steel coffin speeding toward certain destruction. Grating, shouted vocals, radio intercepts, and bombastic rhythms are crushed together to represent an inevitable fiery death and a hero's grave in the cold, crushing depths of the Pacific Ocean, all in the name of imperious glory.

KAKISTOCRACY cannot be labeled as just another anarcho crust hardcore band. They perform crushing live shows and are a long standing part of North Carolina history, having been a band ever since I can remember. This record is their first output since their debut LP on Profane Existence four years ago. As far as the music is concerned, they play crucial NC mountain crust and continue to throw in super heavy parts that transition seamlessly into melodic breakaways. On the flip side, NUX VOMICA throws together some more metallicaly driven but still equally melodic crust. Having members from WAKE UP ON FIRE from Baltimore, the band has made a pilgrimage from the east coast to Portland to ruin eardrums and minds everywhere conceivable. This record single-handedly bridges the coastal gap.

KARLOFF - "Bled Dry" CD $7.99
Dirty and raspy low-end hardcore assault from Indiana. The bass and single-string guitars hit me just like I heard FUDGE TUNNEL the first time- a raw thunder. KARLOFF accentuates those sounds with plenty of mid-paced, floortom-heavy riffs, but they aren't afraid to blaze either (and speaking of blazing, check out the tail-end of "Graves" it's like an EYEHATEGOD inspired crush-a-thon), and when they play fast there are elements of '90s start/stop hardcore that show up and sweeten the pot. KARLOFF blends a lot of shit that you've heard before, but southern crust, 90s sludge and modern HC dragged through the mud all sound fucking good when delivered together.

KITES - "Superior Moon" 3-inch CD $7.99
Christopher Forgues, the man behind Kites, utilizes a phalanx of pedals, circuit breakers, microphones, and amps to achieve his unusual and bracing take on music. Superior Moon is an excellent showcase for his sometimes deranged, sometimes haunting brand of musical experimentation. This album's nine untitled tracks are much shorter and to the point than some of his previous material. While a few tracks do lash out with harsh tentacles of electronic hiss, for the most part these tracks are dominated by subdued beats and slowly swelling sections of white noise. This restraint does serve to make this release one Kites’ most accessible yet.

KK NULL / JOHN WIESE - "Mondo Paradoxa" CD $7.99
Comprised of 10 untitled pieces & created via mail over a two year period, it's a most pleasurable match made in (absolute) noise heaven. Both artists bring their styles into the mix. Null (the leading force behind proto-metal-group Zeni Geva and the dark-industrial project Absolut Null Punkt) creates digital sculptures and futuristic oscillations whilst Wiese's sonic detritus and scummy audio junk adds a layer of dirt to Null's precise blips and tones. There are some gargantuan abrasive peaks of pure sound and screeing feedback as well as more subtle and deep layered pieces. Comes in beautiful full color digipak, designed by Government Alpha, typesetting by John Wiese.

KOEFF - "Liminal Looks" 3 INCH CD $7.99
Excellent dark, heavy industrial from this Malmo artist. This project is the solo work of one Johanna Rosenqvist, and Liminal Looks is her second disc under the Koeff name, with four tracks/seventeen minutes of pulsing machine dread and caustic, crushing rhythmic grind. For an EP with only four tracks, Koeff gives us a fairly varied selection of sounds that veer from harsh, low-fi industrial noise to pounding, super distorted tribal rhythms. The first track "Within" is a dense, crushing slab of blackened amplifier grue, slow oozing strains of grinding feedback and haunting melodic chordal shifts that sounds like a cross between the harsh amp noise of Cloama and some of the more zoned-out Total stuff. Then there's "Inspecting It Further", layering buzzing distortion and primitive electronic effects over this really heavy, thumping percussive loop that sounds like tribal rhythms being beaten on oil drums in the middle of a downpour of tape hiss and mechanical scraping, while Johanna does this deadpan disco chant over top. Very cool. "Transgressor" is another heavily rhythmic piece with vocals, but on this one the looped beats are drowned in even heavier quantities of noise and distortion, the skittering industrial rhythm clouded by deafening machine noise while Johanna whoops and chants in the background. It's like a Test Dept jam smothered in melted cassette noise. Lastly, "Preamputation" is a near-ambient piece with murky machine rumblings, ghostly spoken word mutterings, swells of grinding distortion, and an oppressive factory feel throughout. Really cool, heavy rhythmic industrial all around. The disc is limited to 500 copies, and is packaged in a glossy miniature sleeve.

KORPERSCHWACHE - "Sordid Revelations From The Cult Of The Nazaren" CD $7.99
Extended buzzsaw feedback necrodrone blasts that resemble the slow shrieking and crushing destruction inflicted by heavy machinery. Existing somewhere between pure noise/drone/ambient and the grisliest depths of avant-garde/mutant Black Metal (minus any semblance of percussion, mind you), this is the sound of a small orchestra of fried out amplifiers performing extreme exercises in dissonant annihilation, with occasional vocal proclamations by Elektra Sturmschnell. But believe it or not, there are some DAMN CATCHY moments here. Using tape loops, gadgets, distorted samples, effects pedals, and blown-amp guitars and bass, Korperschwache creates an extremely loud form of isolationism. LIMITED EDITION OF 150

One track of brutal heavy electronics from both LHD and Immaculate:Grotesque. Very thick and drenched rampaging electronics. LHD presents "Capri" while Immaculate:Grotesque provides "Female". This is released in the edition of 300 copies, pressed on white vinyl.

LHD - "Curtains" CD $7.99
John Wiese and Phil Blankenship make five tracks and 19 minutes worth of relentless harsh noise. Expect a shitload of abrasive distortion that rests more in the midrange to high-end, lots of swirling panning effects and crisp, biting feedback, and then some. On rare occasion some really twisted ambience will appear within the midst of the distortion, as well as a few quick cutups, which at times can make it hard to notice when things changeover from one track to the next, but none of the songs have titles so it's not like that's important. The recording is really good, it's right on the line between having a rugged sense of warmth and density and being overly clear, so it's aptly aggressive and forceful but also has a clarity to it that lets a good amount of detail shine through. The disc comes in a nice matte black and white slipcase with minimal artwork and text, no track titles, etc. I think it looks nice and slick though, and the minimalism works in its favor. Good stuff. I definitely enjoy the fact that with this CD the duo recognizes the impact of kicking your ass and then calling it quits, rather than beating you over the head for an hour, so the thing's over in a flash and that's that. Limited to 500 copies, so don't wait around too terribly long if you're interested. Those who like it harsh won't be disappointed.

LUCERTULAS - "Tragol De Rova" CD $7.99
Killer Italian noise rock; demonic mathy heaviness, equal parts Shellac and Daughters and Melvins. Angular, noisy, and dense, Tragol de Rova rocks like a brick to the face, jerking along in a haze of flailing time signatures, heavy guitars, and exuberant vocals.

LYSERGENE - "Critical Mass" CD $7.99
Lysergene is the alter ego of Esoteric guitarist and founding member Gordon Bicknell. We've got a member of one of the heaviest doom bands on the planet going off in a completely different, electronica-based direction, but Lysergene's sound is one that I think even hardcore Esoteric fans will want to check out. The core of the sound is definitely EBM and techno/industrial, with lots of pounding, thumping beats and crushing breaks, and it sounds at first like this came right out of the Wax Trax era of heavy dance industrial. Think early Ministry, Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Velvet Acid Christ. Lots of dark electronic textures layered over one another, pounding 4/4 beats, lush dark ambience, with a clear nod to the classic EBM sounds of the late 80's/early 90's. But as Critical Mass unfolds, I'm hearing undercurrents of heavy, distorted guitar drone beneath the pulsating electro rhythms, as well as awesome vintage kosmiche sounds that are right out of the 70's.

MAHAKALA - "S/T" CD $7.99
The debut album of this sludgecore road roller from Greece. 5 tracks with influences of Bongzilla, Buzzoven, High On Fire, Iron Monkey, Cavity, Sleep, Alabama Thunderpussy and Eyehategod. Limited to 1000 copies. Not a release to miss out on!

MARAH-MAR - "S/T" CD $7.99
Delicate cello lines gain momentum until they burst apart at the seams, textural noises are pealed away exposing an underlying song, guitars collide in a wide stereo field to cascade and weave together. These are amongst the most apt descriptions of Marah-Mar's self titled debut album, a collection of songs as memorable for their mood and atmosphere as they are for their melodic counterpoints. Elements gleaned from electronic music, instrumental groups such as Dirty Three, Tortoise, Explosions in the Sky, and GSYBE!, as well as a vast body of psych rock, jazz, and chamber music all contribute to an aesthetic that dazzles the ears and entices the imagination. Marah-Mar recorded in the capable hands of Tucker Burns, a talented engineer whose studio built in an abandoned church provided the perfect atmosphere to capture the group's expansive sound. This is music that rewards the listener who can lost themselves in the epic sounds and the cinematic imagery that Marah-Mar skillfully creates.

MARAX - "Feel Free To Fuck Me" CD-R $7.99
Limited cd-r pressing of the Feel Free conceptual cassette released in an absurdly limited edition wooden crate in the late 90's by Southern extreme noise and abyssal drone artist Eric Crowe (MARAX). Painfully intense power electronic love. These tracks are blistering high-frequency wipeouts with a nervous sense of humor...much different but no less adventurous than the cavernous blackened droneworks of his more recent material. 12 tracks of sweetness. Comes packaged in a full color glossy sleeve thats in an airsealed mylar bag. LIMITED and #d OUT OF 100.

MARZURAAN - "Five Years Of Fuck All" CD $7.99
Latest release from one of our favorite proponents of drone/doom/dirge, alongside folks like SUNNO))), Corrupted, Earth, Khanate, Boris, Eyehategod, etc. But unlike many of those other bands, UK's Marzuraan always seemed to approach their sound with one eye on the sludge, the other on the pop. Imbuing even the heaviest and murkiest of dirges with crystalline shimmer, or subtle muted melody, or even buried hooks, without sacrificing any of their sheer power or skull caving heaviness. This collection comprises demos, live stuff, rarities and rehersals from the UK's most consistantly interesting, forward-thinking, and just plain fucking great band of the last decade. Starting off from now and moving backwards through time to the early bedroom demo days, this CD shows Marzuraan's evolution from simplistic droning minimalism of the two bass lineup to the full-on rock beast of today. So track by track, the sound becomes more and more simple, moving away from the progressive drone pop and blown out shoegaze drone of recent recordings to something much more primitive and noisy. All in all, Marzuraan do it better than anyone else going right now; be it bleak minimal droning walls of sound, controlled experiments into feedback or balls-out "post" rock, without the scene points. They sound like the late, twisted Black Flag stuff on a mid-period Voivod album, with Swervedriver on in the background. Played by Helios Creed. Totally great packaging by the guys at Thumbprint Press; three-panel chipboard sleeve, double-sided print, with stark black letterpress and clear varnish. You may know these guys' work from the Sunn0))) live album or one of the many Bastard Noise family releases. Also, a full Marzuraan discography is featured inside.

An eleven song collaborative split of apocalyptic proportions from two of DC/VA's most fierce and twisted young bands. Mass Movement Of The Moth returns with blast after contagious blast of synth-driven, psychedelic post-hardcore, while The Catalyst sludge through their latest offering of kerosene-soaked, in-your-face noise-punk/grunge. Song order switches from band to band allowing no side A or side B to keep the collective rock apart. For fans of Born Against, Pg.99, claymation, Camera Obscura, Melt Banana, and the movie Labyrinth (especially the scenes with Ludo).

MERZBOW - "Merzzow" CD $7.99
MERZZOW combines animal concepts and deconstructions of 20th century music, ambient drones and a deep grinding groove, synth tones and harsh bursts of liquid electricity in a varied and dynamic 11 tacks in 70 minutes that is sure to please all you fans. It is even accessible enough that it makes a perfect introduction for your friends who have never heard Merzbow music before.

METH AND GOATS - "Attack From Meth And Goats Mountain" CD $7.99
Meth And Goats prove that punk rock doesn't have to be overproduced and glossy on "Attack From Meth And Goats Mountain". They rip through 42 minutes worth of post-hardcore dirt-rock comparable to bands like Transistor Transistor, At The Drive In, and The Blood Brothers, but with an originality all of its own. Meth And Goats marry an art damaged punk sound with an absurd amount of spaced out jams, numbing feedback, and distorted screams that reeks of beer and body odor. Raw, rough around the edges, and catchy as sin.

MILLIONS - "Panic Program" 7" $6.99
4 brand new tracks from Chicago's noisiest band building on the neurotic impatience of Black Flag scraping up against the anthemic melodies of King Crimson. Driven by this tension, the sound of Millions is that of vicious mood swings. Recorded with Andy Nelson (Harpoon, Weekend Nachos) and mastered by Carl Saff (Young Widows, The Atlas Moth). Limited to 300 copies on cosmic green vinyl.

MILLS OF GOD - "Call of the Eastern Moon" CD $7.99
’70s-flavored instrumental psychedelic doom metal from Germany. Consisting of three nearly equal length songs over 63 minutes, the music on here is a blend of Traditional Doom, Funeral Doom, Sludge and Post Metal. Some of the riffs carry a swaggering, yet slow, groove while others are like an aural tsunami washing over everything in its path. Some of it reminds me, musically, of Ahab, some of it of early Cathedral and some of it of stuff like Earth and Ufomammut. Mastered by Bob Weston of Shellac, with artwork by Tom Denney.

MONGREL "Fuck Off, 601" C-10 Ltd. 43 $6.99
A twisted and schizophrenic creation from a loosely wrapped mind unhinges the beast in this short but damaging affair. Contact mic'd Dada body movements, toys, scrap metal, concrete worship, chains and yes, even a harmonica bring a jackboot kick to the head whilst whisteling sounds of dread. For fans of Sickness, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock.

MOS GENERATOR - "Jam Room Demos Vol. 2" 7" COLORED VINYL $6.99
Two tracks from the vaults on a limited edition (500 only) black n' yellow splattered 7" vinyl. 'Step Up' kicks off with a Sabbath-esque riff, before it turns into a catchy MOS GENERATOR song, with its powerful, yet relaxed groove. Once again the band is in best shape, so that 'Step Up' is definitely more than just a second-rate tune. On the B-side the band pays tribute to riffmaster Tony Iommi, aptly named 'Godhand Iommi'. This is a clever combination of well-known riffs, but the band integrated them into their very own catchy arrangement. Fans of Colour Haze, Los Natas, King Crimson, Deep Purple or anything remotely 70's influenced will be a fan. Pull out the bong for this one.

MR. BLANDING'S DREAMHOUSE - "Ninety-Nine Aprils" CD $7.99
Mr. Blanding's Dreamhouse plays late 90's indie rock. Female fronted vocals, backed by powerful yet sweet guitar lines, and held together with a solid building rythm section. MBD is midwest indie rock at its finest. Fans of Rainer Maria, Superchunk, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Mineral take note.

MURKRAT - "s/t" CD $7.99
Wow, the first album from this Australian doom duo totally took me by surprise. An all-female duo no less, Murkrat debut with an eight song disc on Aesthetic Death, who we know by now have a golden ear for strange, crushing new veins of doom, and it's a surprising blend of sounds whose nearest precedent (at least to my ears) is New York ritual-doom experimentalists Bloody Panda. The first three tracks on this album are brand new, and long as fuck, running anywhere from 8 to 11 minutes apiece. The other five tracks are all taken from their demo, and are just as killer. This is weird shit, kind of old school sounding, maybe some traces of Saint Vitus and Candlemass in here somewhere, but that classic doom sound is blended with trippy contemporary downer-doom that's reminiscent of bands like Thergothon and Skepticism, dark, depressive, and miserable. The riffs are heavy and definitely doomy, but have a strange, fuzzy, processed sound, and the drums are super minimal, lumbering through each song with an economy of motion that makes Murkrat's sound that much more trance-inducing. Then there are the vocals, dark and melodramatic but not overwrought, sometimes delivered in a sorrowful Gothic moan that reminds me of Yoshiko Ohara from Bloody Panda, sometimes belting out a blackened screech. Even better is when multiple ladies all join in for some harmonized singing, which happens pretty often. Lots of organ too, which further reminds me of Skepticism. The organ is laid on thick, a dense cathedral pipe organ buzz draped over the depressing Sabbathoid riffs and oozing amp drone, and when the pipe organ tones and delirious singing all melds together, it's goddamn intoxicating. Everything is drenched in a kind of dusty, eldritch murk, the instruments sound like their blurred by age and decay, the sound still definitely heavy, but the music sounds remarkably old. One of my favorite songs is "Morality Slug", with it's vaguely catchy verse and chorus of voices and fuzzy 80's synths, like hearing Saint Vitus playing in a crumbling cathedral while some drugged goatcult performs bizarre rites beneath a canopy of neon sigils. Quite awesome. The demo songs that make up the other half of the disc are even weirder, if anything. There's strange industrial clanging; deep cavernous droning; ultra-distorted riffs that almost sound like old school synthesizers, they're so fuzzy; creepy processed doom riffs bathed in murk and mold, stretched out beneath the awesome witchy vocals, still totally possessed with that classic Vitus vibe, but with tinges of weirdo 70's occult rock and psychedelic folk under the surface, turning their sinister sound into something that much creepier and esoteric. Fans of old school doom are gonna love this, and it goes without saying that anyone that's been bit by the femme-fronted doom sound that's been going around lately with bands like Jex Thoth, Reino Ermitano, Blood Ceremony, Deadmask, etc. will dig this in a big way too. Recommended!

MY CAT IS AN ALIEN WITH NELS CLINE "The Ocean Above Your Heads" LP $9.99
The idea of a recording collaboration by Nels Cline and My Cat Is An Alien was born one day in Torino, Italy, while Cline was touring with Wilco in 2007. After two other intersections of their respective orbits (first at Victoriaville, then at a UK All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in 2006), Cline eventually mailed them a CDR of prepared and heavily effected electric guitar improvisations, recorded in a small studio in Los Angeles. He tossed them off with little concern about exactly what would happen to the recordings, though his familiarity with i fratelli Opalio and their work steered the technically proficient jams familiar to fans of Nels Cline Singers, Scarnella or L. Stinkbug deep into zones of space noise, bold cosmic disruptions and nattering squibs from decommissioned satellites.  Exploiting the carte blanche they were given to do whatever they wanted with his recordings, Maurizio and Roberto Opalio opted to maintain as much as possible the spirit of free improv and instantaneous composition; Cline’s recording remained unheard until the actual recording session in 2012. Upon recognizing the planets were in proper alignment, Roberto and Maurizio’s Alien Zone studio in the Western Alps vibrated with the first playback of the CDR and My Cat Is An Alien’s simultaneous real-time accompaniment, without overdubs or outtakes. The results throb like an Argento soundtrack for an astral perv lair, recalling vintage cassette gorp from the golden age of industrial, when field recordings of howling dogs were repurposed as documents of institutional degradation and mind control. Dusted with loops from a lunar cathedral where palsied zombies dragging pots and pans skid across the soap-slathered narthex, The Ocean Above Your Heads splays the hemispheres better than Subotnik goin’ off his meds. Limited to 300 copies.

NAPALMED - "Never Mind the MSBR, Here's the..." CD $7.99
Packaged in a full-color gatefold sleeve, Napalmed delivers two tracks of seemingly unending anguish. Power electronics ala the glory days of Masonna and Merzbow mixed in with the organic and bombastic feel of cut-up greats like Illusion of Safety and Chop Shop. Two tracks, 15:10 and 56:44 respectively, create an avalanche of outsider noise from this Czech quartet, fueled by metal junk clatter, terrorizing electronic noise, prepared and homemade acoustic guitars, treated vocals, and an arsenal of effects pedals and microphones. Think NO NECK BLUES BAND filtered through a brutal metallic attack. Friggin' fierce.

From the Czech Republic comes this pro-pressed, full-length CD, packaged in a really unusual pro-printed, hand-made cover and bound in copper wire. NO MUSIC, NO SILENCE, NOTHING MORE THAN 'PURE HARSH INDUSTRY IMPRO NOISE' IN NAPALMED WAY! 80 minutes long. Limited to 500 copies.

NECROMONDO - "s/t" CD $7.99
Necromondo is a new project from Tidad at Mechanoise Labs, dealing in gore-soaked industrial scum drone that's been inspired by a healthy diet of classic Italian splatter cinema. Tirdad name drops such spaghetti splat classics as City of the Living Dead, Zombi 2, Burial Ground, and Cannibal Holocaust as his inspiration, and with tracks titled "Flesh Eater", "Theme For A Machete", "Feeding Frenzy", and "A Fistful Of Intestines", he crafts industrial skuzz jams that evoke zombie-infested streets, densely forested tropical islands swarming with gut-munching cannibals, and hidden halogen-lit labs that have been abandoned by their keepers via some seriously sinister oscillator throb layered with deep, heavy low-frequency distortion loops, freakish gurgling vocal noises, sizzling currents of electricity, tribal drumming, bone rattles, putrid death industrial. Sort of like Wolf Eyes at their most droney and hypnotic, getting baked and vomiting up heavy streams of crusty industrial splatter trance. Or like an Atrax Morgue jam mixed in with a greasy copy of the audio track to Fulci's Zombi. Or old school 80's Broken Flag/Iphar/Come Organisation tapes being collaged together with Girolami's Zombie Holocaust. Limited edition of 525 copies. Highly recommended!

Take a look at the back of the jewel case for this CD, and where there would normally be a track listing or some other similar indicator of the content within, there are only the words “172 Songs” beneath the nearly incomprehensible logos of the three bands that make up this 3-way split CD. This absurd statement should hopefully prepare you for the ridiculously wicked blitz of freeform Brazilian grindnoise on order here from NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU, EMPTY GRAVE, and PURE NOISE. While virtually extinct in other regions of the globe, it would seem that the ANAL CUNT / FEAR OF GOD / SORE THROAT noisecore legacy lives strong in Brazil. NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU, who are virtually legends in this “scene”, open this up with 28 blasts of nonsensical blastbeat mayhem, brainmelting Casio melodies, entire riffs lifted from VAN HALEN and RUSH, and mongoloid thrash breakdowns mashed together into a blur of lo-fi speed chaos. Imagine early BOREDOMS action as filtered through the noxious grind of ANAL CUNT. EMPTY GRAVE are a tough-looking drums’n’guitar duo whose 69 songs flirt a little more with old school death and speed metal, busting out some pretty vicious lo-fi speedcore riffs and monstrous breakdowns, but the frequent forays into nursery rhymes, 5-second "songs", and roaring walls of distortion that barely obscure the frenetic, sloppy blastbeating relentlessly going on in the background keep this firmly entrenched in the noisecore/blurr orbit. The production here is slightly improved over NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU’s vaccum-cleaner eruptions, but it’s still no picnic. Mostly it’s multi-second riffblast on par with early CRIPPLE BASTARDS and FEAR OF GOD accented with moments of brootal mid-tempo crustcore, evil monk chants, old time spirituals, and fucked structures like a retarded NAKED CITY, complete with dual cave troll/rabid warthog/electrocuted housewife vocals. PURE NOISE wrap it up with what would appear to be 75 individual compositions, but since a CD can only have 99 labeled track ID’s, all of the PURE NOISE material has been squashed together as one continuous stream of improv blast violence on track 99. None of this really matters…what does matter is that PURE NOISE sounds like Scum-era NAPALM DEATH channeling old school Japanese harsh noise through their shitty practice amps and attempting to lock into some flesh destroying free-jazz thoughtwaves. Obviously, this feast of blast is only recommended to serious noise heads, old school grind freaks, and fans of truly adventurous/fried brutal improv. This disc is packaged in blown color Xerox graphics which make this appear more like black market Brazilian snuff vid product than it has any right to.

NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE - "Claustrophobic E.P." 7" $6.99
On their second E.P. (and third vinyl output) California's NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE bring you five more discordant cuts of raw and explosive hardcore! If you were lucky enough to grab either their demo 7" or the MINDLESS VIOLENCE E.P. on WAY BACK WHEN / EVEN WORSE you have an idea of what to expect: fast and biting hardcore that combines a range of influences and elements from early Boston and California HC to Japanese hardcore. With this new E.P., NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE have honed their sound even tighter and cranked up the power and intensity times ten, pummeling you with a nonstop barrage of sonic insanity.

NO IDOLS - S/T 7" E.P. $6.99
Five song debut EP from Syracuse's NO IDOLS. Featuring ex members of THE FUNERAL and THE DISASTER, NO IDOLS churn out five chaotic blasts of powerful and noisy hardcore, quite similar to later era UNBROKEN mixed with the sheer intensity of BLACK FLAG.

NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT - compilation 2xCD $7.99
This 1999 double CD compilation NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT is Crucial Blast's homage to the scuzz-caked grindcore/noise/sludge/speedpunk underground of the mid/late 1990's embodied in cheap cassette compilations and xerox-sleeved split 7" EPs. One of Crucial Blast's first ever releases, it contains exclusive outbursts from an array of subterranean sonic abusers, including BASTARD NOISE, AGATHOCLES, DAHMER, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, MACRONYMPHA, UNHOLY GRAVE, and loads of other purveyors of damaged, anti-social grind and noisecore, free noise and power electronics, spoken word, brutal fastcore, blazing D-beat driven crustcore, and lysergic psych-sludge. NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT is packaged in a DVD style plastic double-disc case that holds both CDs and a mega-thick, 64 page fanzine-style newsprint booklet loaded with band info, art, stories and rants. ARTIST LISTING: Mark Bruback, Cruel Face, Strong Intention, Bastard Noise, RPOD, SoIHadToShootHim, Katastrofialue, Unfound, Dark Skies Fallen, Retribution, Global Holocaust, Flammable Child, Depressor, John Bender, Aural Torture Mechanism, The Last Day No Human Voice, Agathocles, Daybreak, Puncture Wound, None Of Your Fucking Business, Dahmer, Samus, Mizuko, Cripple Bastards, Miseries AD, A Death Between Seasons, Macronymhpha, Unholy Grave, Falsies, Final Exit, JDog, Bloodstains & Bulletholes.

OAKS - "Bravo!" CD $7.99
Oaks is Justin Olsen's, from Tight Bro's from Way Back When, new band. In the tradition of sludge-slingers Karp and Big Business, OAKS have come to provide the soundtrack to your next bongload. Oaks are next in a line of bands that extends back to old school smart asses Killdozer, the hick noise metal of Mule, Pac Rim big shots Mudhoney and the terrifyingly awesome Karp. Misfit rock music that is loud as all hell, features yelled, unfriendly vocals and offers zero timeline as far as what the band is up to. Bravo! has moments of the Melvins' "Houdini" and Kyuss' "Blues for the Red Sun" in it but this is not slow moving stoner metal by any stretch, or even psychedelic, "Bravo!" rages past like a thunderstorm. Toshi Kasai, the Melvins' sound engineer for the past six years, and newly official Big Business guitar player moved around the nobs for this excellent debut.

OLD BOMBS - "Audios" CD $7.99
The fifth release and first "official" CD from manipulative sound scientists Old Bombs--members of Monotract, Fukktron, and Grass Jeans. A genre-defying mix of mutilated, layered, and re-sampled sounds that has earned the group comparisons to John Cage, Merzbow, Organum, V/VM, Pita, Christian Marclay, and Keith Rowe's work with radio. Group member Carlos Giffoni is known to occasionally collaborate with Nels Cline, Chris Corsano, Thurston Moore, and Lee Ranaldo among others.

OPEN CITY - "Birth of Cruel" CD $7.99
"The Birth of Cruel" is Open City's follow-up to the 2002 LP "L.A. We Revise Your Neglect". The trio still consists of two electric guitarists (Peter Kolovos and Doug Russell) and a drummer (Andrew Maxwell). This album presents two main differences. First, the pieces are longer. Second, silence plays a more prominent role in the music. That is, the improvisations leave a lot of room for breathing and show minutiae in the spatial-temporal placement of sound gestures. If it sounds arid stated that way, in fact it makes for very dynamic, although fragmented music. Each of the three pieces bears at least four different titles in sequence, hinting at a "suite" form, but identifying a clear transitional points between these "sections" is virtually impossible. Beginning with the "Assembly Language" suite, the piece coming closest in terms of density to the material found on "L.A. We Revise Your Neglect". Maxwell is particularly busy laying down a rough percussive terrain (Paul Lytton comes to mind, but a Lytton who would have spent a couple of summers with Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo). The shortest piece at seven minutes, the "Fetch and Squabble" suite presents two handfuls of ideas and climates flashing by in front of the listener's ears, like the stings from a swarm of bees, each prick more precise than the previous ones. The album finished with the 20-minute "epic" (the word goes well with "suite"; it feels like a progressive rock album) "A Valley Forge," one of Open City's finest moments. The trio manages to sustain the momentum despite several angle shifts. The last five minutes or so see the two guitarists conversing in a noisy but very articulate way, before joining forces for a quiet drone.

ORN - "Teeth/Knowing" CD $7.99
Orn are a new three piece doom metal band from Toronto, one drummer, two guitarists and a wall of amplifiers. Orn's doom is heaving and raw, the drone is delivered in snarling unapologetic straight shots. The intensity is built up and torn down with minimal structures with guttural screams, sustaining guitars and punishing insistent rhythms that force their way into your mind. With extended listen the music becomes impossibly heavy and hypnotic hitting you with wave after wave of hard charging, supremely gratifying, destroyed noise. Welcome the arrival of a new player in the noise world: Orn. FOR FANS OF OCEAN, BURNING WITCH AND GRAVES AT SEA. Limited to 1000 CDs.

OVER VERT - "Gagging + Swallowing" CD $7.99
Great BLACK FLAG influenced band from Reno, recorded at Steve Albini's studio. Churning, bass-driven art-rock with a singer from the SCRATCH ACID / JESUS LIZARD school of ironic detachment and saliva going all over the place. Got it? That's pretty much what OVER VERT has going on. Plus they do a cover of "What We're Made Of" by VAE VICTIS (pre-IRON LUNG).

OVO - "Cicatrici" CD $7.99
Cicatrici ("Scars") starts blaring its championing of violent hybridization from the moment you lay eyes on the cover art, which features a drawing of two happy amputees stitched together at the arm-stump. The music follows through on the promise of the image by taking a dog's breakfast of parts—doom-metal riffs, the sweaty percussive energy of hardcore, studio-based noise-fuckery, weird vocal manipulations—and, over the course of nine tracks, conjoining them all together into a freaky chimera. For fans of COCK ESP and BOREDOMS.

PANICSVILLE - "Perverse" CD $7.99
Panicsville crawls through a potent, tangled offering of ear-shredding noise and sonic mishmash in the full-length release Perverse. Assembling disparate fragments and raw, broken pieces of acoustic garbage, Panicsville feverishly scours and massages these sounds, uncovering a surprising amount of luster with which to capture our fascination and horror. Razor-sharp static, earthy and gutteral groans, lo-fi casio keyboard music, off-kilter sampled beats in monotonous sequences, crackling distortion and pitch-shifted spoken word . . . but a few of the remnants that make up the texture of Perverse. Ambient recordings of plastic wrappers and pools of water, electronic murmurs and metallic percussion sounds round out the work. Each piece on Perverse is unique, and the whole of the album is diverse and provoking, never staying on a single sound source or noise collection for long.

PEACEMAKER / IRON MOLAR - "split" CD $7.99
Peacemaker is a transformational harsh noise project founded by Richard Hoak, drummer of grindcore primitives BRUTAL TRUTH and TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION. Iron Molar is Italy's most extreme power electronics/piercing circus. Fucking Clinica, the most brutal of labels in the new Italian extreme noise scene, has released all new studio recordings by Peacemaker and Iron Molar together as a full length split cd. The cd comes with 8 page booklet/special packaging and 3 stickers and is limited to 300 copies. Peacemaker's cover of 'I Not Pose' by Japanese noisemonger Boss Poppinski features totally fucking sick guest vocals by legendary philadelphia rapper Dirty Dave.

Peacemaker is Rich Hoak from Brutal Truth/Total Fucking Destruction, HOTFUCKACTIONTOTHEMAXX is Kevin from Fetus Eaters/Bacteria Cult, and Actuary is violent west coast analog noise enforcement. Packaged in a bad-as-fuck limited edition, hand-numbered slimline DVD case with mega-artwork (courtesy of Kevin Fetus) are two CD's for your noise-fetish pleasure.

Dark collage compositions of high velocity and fierce electronic noise, dismal piano passages, acoustic metals mantras, and ambient electronic turbulence cut with explosions of emotional violence and urban noir. Masterfully woven while still festering a raw and chaotic edge. This is the PD masterpiece follow up to the influential "Volatile" album.

PIGEON RELIGION - "Dead Boss" 7" $6.99
Wrecked and abstract punk, which if you want to exclusively live in the distant past: a bit of a Flipper, later Black Flag and Birthday Party hybrid of sorts, a mess that works it way through all senses. This band has played about 70 times in their first year as a band: clearing out venues with 45 minute renditions of new tracks, clearing out intestines with combinations of extreme volume and strobe lights that have constant speed changes, blowing away virtually every band that they open for as they come through town and turning living rooms and basements into 1am destruction zones on a regular basis.

PIG EXAM - "Contort Thine Cells" CD $7.99
On Contort Thine Cells, New Zealand native Loren Clements (aka Pig Exam) lets fly with the SHOCK VOLTS - heavy electric razor wire blastage kicking and screaming from your shreded-out speaker cones. Nothing dark, dreary, or mysterious here, just the unadorned sounds of getting shot in the face by a police taser from short range. Twice. Lorent has been creating the sharp painful noise for over ten years in both solo and group settings under various monikers: Downfeed, Zorac5, EggSpecies, Blisstuff, Balance & the Blossum, Mommy Won't Wake Up, Degenerate & Enable, and of course, Pig Exam.

PIG HEART TRANSPLANT / DEATH AGONIES - "Tunnel" cassette $6.99
More madness from PIG HEART TRANSPLANT, this time in the form of a repetitive dirge that takes just over seven minutes to explode. This noise harnesses the desperate intensity of the more avant SWANS works but achieves an eeriness all it's own - awesome. The other side of this tape is Canada's DEATH AGONIES (one of many ENDLESS BLOCKADE associated projects) who deliver a monotonous mind numbing drone that builds with the subtlety of a dentist's drill into a soaring electronic wash and the fades into a 3 minute respite before pure chaos ensues.  A painful 20 minutes.

PJ GLAUBERZON - "Cubicle Puppets" CD $7.99
"Cubicle Puppets" is an odd affair, a meticulously crafted pop gem, written and recorded by one PJ Glauberzon. It references an era when artist's made albums as miniature worlds, a place you could visit for the better part of an hour, or as long as two sides of vinyl would allow. The songs fit together like scenes in a movie with Glauberzon adopting the voice of a narrator, wherein he spins tales of paranoia, heartbreak and the mundanity of life's struggle. Glauberzon isn't your typical songwriter. Although he works within the framework of traditional forms, his songs never sound familiar. He is both a talented multi-instrumentalist and clever songsmith. His musical tastes vary from upbeat skiffle tunes and vaudevillian pop to calypso music and bar room piano ballads, while his lyrics read like absurdist adventure stories riddled with shady characters. Conceptually, he is situated somewhere between Warren Zevon and Steely Dan, as he is fond of both irony and comedy in song, as well as musicianship and studio wizardry. His arrangements, although seemingly elaborate, never feel dense or crowded. Like a good composer, he knows how to build on themes but more importantly, when to leave things out.

PONY PANTS - "Fives" CD $7.99
Pony Pants is a three piece DIY dance-punk outfit from Philadelphia, who play complex, driving guitar riffs over smart, sweaty drum machine tracks with songs about sex, politics, friendship and the intersections of these things. On "Fives" they offer up 4 new songs and 2 remixes by GENGHIS TRON and VYTEAR.

POOSTEW - "Misericordia" CD $7.99
Can't say that I've ever heard of a concept cd quite like this before: a grind/melodic death metal band attempting their longest (10 minutes, 53 seconds) and shortest (18 seconds) songs in one tidy EP package. The title track is the behemoth here- four chapters of time changes, incessant growling and mile-a-millisecond riffs. And "Silence Is As Golden As Piss"? Well, its the finest Pig Destroyer slaughter I've scoped in a minute.

PROLETAR - "Back To Hatevolution Discography 2000-2005" CD $7.99
Discography CD of this brutal old school grindcore band from Jakarta, Indonesia featuring 50 songs in over 70 minutes from tape EPs, demos, full length album, splits, and some unreleased, live and cover songs. Packaged in a sealed 7" sleeve. Limited to 1000 copies.

Proletar (Indonesia) offer up 22 songs of blasting noise and ear sodomizing political grindcore with crushing blast beats and D-beat galore! Bestial Vomit (Italy) blast intense grindcore equipped with combo guttural vocals/ear-stabbing screeching of social/political lyrics. Violent! Limited to 300 copies.

PRURIENT - "The Black Post Society" CD $7.99
"The Black Post Society" embraces and accepts the depression of not having anything left to hunt. The mask without a face to hold. The depression of the hunter after the deer is killed. It is better to be hungry than to have eaten. As fantasy shatters under the whip of reality, erotic malaise settles in the nest of the mind inverting this dormant fuel to rekindle the endless cycle of sexual chaos. Black Industrial / Power Noise from this highly respected US act!

PRURIENT & CARLOS GIFFONI - "Heavy Rain Returns" CD $7.99
New collaboration between Carlos Giffoni and Dominik Fernow. Starts off in an intense, minimal-beats Suicide style before Dominik erupts with classic Beelzebub throat contortions and Giffoni lays out blankets of loud chattering insect invasion over what has got to be the ginchiest rhythmic base ever eviscerated by Prurient. Levels of fuzz are beautifully eruptive and the second track gets even further into the whole "we're all Frankies/we're all lying in hell" feel. An intense trip into harsh noise and electronic sickness.

PSYKOTISK / VREDGAD - "Split" CD $7.99
Excellent Swedish Black Metal split-album [full-length] with both projects featuring members of ORNIAS- so you know this is mandatory cult! Nine songs originally recorded in 2005 and 2006.

Best described as a sprawling psychedelic space jam, "Surya" is the full-length debut of Queen Elephantine and a crushingly impressive follow-up to recent split-albums with Sons of Otis and Elder. Surya's five tracks stretch out to over an hour, as the band lives up to its name and presents a perfect soundtrack to the unwieldy march of a mystical elephant caravan across the celestial plains. They melt down the sounds of Black Sabbath, Sleep, Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, early Monster Magnet, and a variety of other influences into a cosmic swamp all their own, populated by droning numbers like the self-titled lead off track and lumbering epics such as the 16-and-a-half-minute "Ramesses II," which rumbles along almost religiously with its chanted lyrics and smoky atmosphere. "Surya" presents a dense fog of soothing distortion and repetitive progression, lysergic delight and a slow sludge of spiritual warmth. These are the bastard children of the Grateful Dead that listen to Swans and Earth and Velvet Underground and OM.

QUIVERS - "Once There Were Some" CD $7.99
Once There Were Some, is a midnight séance conjuring the spirit of the avant-improv scene of Brooklyn's underground. Unfurling the combined forces of double-bassist Jordon Schranz (the eASTERN sEABOARD, ex-La Otracina), guitarist Ninni Morgia (S.X APPEAL, ex-White Tornado, ex-La Otracina), and drummer Adam Kriney (Owl Sounds Exploding Galaxy, La Otracina) with vocal sound artist Marie Evelyn, QUIVERS bring together fast and furious with outer space massiveness. Reeling in the heady mixture of 60's psychedelia, 70's prog-rock, and 80's hard-core, this record cuts out its own piece of the Sonic History. A blend of Sonny Sharrock/Boredoms/Black Flag-influenced frenzied guitar and acoustic sounds of every color, it can be menacing one moment, and blissfully spacious the next.

RATIONAL ANIMALS - "Perception Becomes Reality" 7" $6.99
Killer hardcore punk from this Rochester, NY band. These guys have the little Greg Ginn riffs down pat, making them sound a lot like ANNIHILATION TIME or B'LAST, though Rational Animals have a bit more straightforward hardcore in their sound than those bands. If you're addicted to that BLACK FLAG riffage than this is is a must.

RED RED RED - "New Action" CD $7.99
Raw power for real that continues throughout, full of chunky punk jammers with an abundance of balls and ugly guitar sounds. Some off-kilter deconstructed angles keep you guessing. 10 songs of fury, punk, angst & rebellion.

RED SPAROWES return with another amazing record, this time being joined by GREGOR SAMSA for this split CD release. Richmond, VA's GREGOR SAMSA shine bright here with two tracks of serene and dark ambient/rock music. Haunting and beautifully sung male and female vocals intertwine with atmospheric guitars, keys and string arrangements. Los Angeles, CA's RED SPAROWES deliver two phenomenal tracks of their moving and intense instrumental creations. One exclusive new track is joined by a phenomenal demo version of a song found on their "At The Soundless Dawn" debut... and with members of ISIS and NEUROSIS behind this ship, RED SPAROWES continue to steer into amazing directions. In fact, both bands harken back to the glory days of shoegazing's past without compromising their modern spin on powerful and innovative independent music.

ROBOT VS RABBIT - "Trading The Witch For The Devil" CD $7.99
The debut from long-gone North Carolina amplifier thugs Robot Vs. Rabbit, a massive 56 minute blowout of satanic feedback deathdrone and mangled occult dirge riffage that takes the heaviest powerdrones of Sunn O))), Skullflower, and Boris, dunks them in black oil, and runs it through the industrial creep of Throbbing Gristle, Factrix, or SPK. These are some of the murkiest speaker tones to hit our ears, total black basement amp chant and low-end feedback stroke that washes over you like a dead tide, but propelled sideways by chattering, smoking tape loops and obscured Japanese traditional melodies. Yep, Trading The Witch For The Devil is a high point in evil primitive psychedelic sludge, and the more we bomb our skulls with this album, the more we realize that this is like a kosmiche black-mass take on the missing link between the Midwestern noise skulk heralded by the likes of Wolf Eyes, Universal Indians, Hair Police, Gravitar... etc., Skullflower at their most brutal, the evil tarpit hate of Southern Lord's most extreme artists (Sunn O))), Khanate, etc), and the dense walls of sound of Soundtracks era SWANS. This concept will no doubt get many of you hot n' bothered, as it well should. Psychedelic and metallic, heavy as fuck but totally amorphous and otherworldy and evil.

R.Y.N. - "Astral Death" CD $7.99
This is the first full length from the British duo R.Y.N., which features Pete Burn from Marzuraan and Dean Glaister from the harsh noise/cutup project Romance. I have yet to hear Romance, but Marzuraan is a band that I've already been into for awhile. Their slow mantric sludge rock is seriously heavy stuff that references pure molten doom metal, 90's mathrock, and even the sweeping distorted shoegazer of Swervedriver and Loop's hypnotic drone rock. So from the members involved, there was little doubt that R.Y.N. was going to be some sort of heavy. Bringing together the distorted guitar textures and abstract noise of each members other project, this six song disc is just under an hour of all-engulfing amplifier-melting ambient raga sludge. Each track is a vast ocean of swirling feedback drone, with layer upon layer of rumbling amp hiss and grinding low-end stretching out for eternity, as if an army of guitars have been set against massive amplifier stacks and left to roar and hum while ghostly melodies and keening high-end skree ride on the black waves of slowly shifting, richly textured drone. Really massive ritual powerdrones, with some tracks like "The Cleansing" and the epic fifteen minute "Mind Over Mind" taking on Sunn O)))-like proportions while bathing in sheets of soft white-noise hiss and ominous minor-key chordal washes. This is amazingly thick and powerful drone music of the darkest breed, crushingly heavy and so hypnotic that I can't help but zone out every time I play it. Imagine a blackened, demonic Sunroof crossed with Earth 2, or Skullflower's Tribulation stretched out into infinite jet-roars of tar-thick thrum.

SAME-SEX DICTATOR - "From Beneath You It Devours" LP $9.99
Called everything from a "two-piece wall of destruction" to "deep space power-violence", Seattle, WA’s SAME-SEX DICTATOR have documented their psychedelic heaviness on their first full-length "From Beneath You It Devours", 41 minutes of dark, experimental hardcore that sounds like a mutant hybrid of MAN IS THE BASTARD and some cult early 80's heavy metal, one second battering your skull in with gnarly angular bass riffage, the next lurching into a quasi-gallop that drunkenly thrashes around for a minute or two before tumbling back into a swarm of chirping electronic noise, bestial death metal growls and jagged ultra-heavy bass. Featuring guest contributions by members of OAKHELM and EMERALDS.

SANCTIONS / DAWN - "split" 10" $9.99
Dawn and Sanctions return with the follow-up to their 2008 albums. This record sees both bands developing into way more menacing creatures. Brutal blasts of hardcore, black metal, and doom! Dawn's tracks descend further down the path of depressive art-thrash. Sanctions' songs increase the extremity of their breakneck speed neo-crust agenda. Pressed on thick black 10" wax with screenprinted inserts and a digital download of the tracks included.

SEAWHORES - "Opus Magnanimous" CD $7.99
Seawhores are a weird band from Minneapolis that revolves around the core duo of Adam Marks and Cody Weigel, who bring in a small army of guest musicians and friends to aid them in constructing their sprawling instrumental songs. Adam Marks is a former member of the band Vaz, and Opus Magnanimous also features ex-Cows drummer Freddy Votel sitting in on skins here, so I was thinking that this was going to be some kind of heavy, post-Am Rep noise rock. It is heavy, at least in some parts, and there are some elements of full-blown noise rock that show up throughout the album, but Seawhores put together a sound on this disc that is way beyond easy catagorization, and it's really pretty weird. First off, the CD is made up of a single thirty-three minute track that is divided into several different movements; the whole track is instrumental, and the music goes all over the place. Opus Magnanimous opens with a music box playing the theme from A Love Story while trippy noises and caustic grinding gradually overtakes the melody, and then suddenly shifts into creepy dark ambience, with booming piano chords ringing out over sounds of dripping water and weird fluttering noises. An acoustic guitar enters, playing a dark folky melody and joined by what sounds like harp and percussion and a mangy distorted guitar. The song then shifts back into dark, Lustmordian ambience before changing direction again as it lurches into a blown-out, corrosive noise rock jam, the guitars belting out some vicious riffs over burly drumming, kinda Melvins-y but splattered with feedback and noise. The band twists and turns, turning their noise rock into an extended jam that falls into krautrock style repetition when the guitar and drums tighten up and lock in on a single skronky groove that goes on for more than five minutes, then fades off once again into dark, rumbling ambience. The album becomes more abstract from this point on, moving through dark washes of bowed cymbals and metallic drones, eerie landscapes of metallic shimmer, field recordings and distant machine sounds, growing more noisy and chaotic and turning into a weird industrial metal-percussion jam, almost becoming a darker, dronier Ramleh with warbling feedback and plodding basslines joining the din. The last ten minutes of the track see the drums kick in and the noisy, industrial racket evolves into a heavy, feedback-splattered noise rock jam a la Grey Daturas, the guitar chugging on formless metallic riffing, the drummer spitting out energetic free-jazz clatter through the thickening fog of amplifier vomit and low-end sludge. Very strange and abstract, not quite noise rock, not quite industrial, but some weird mix of the two, as surreal as it is heavy and noisy, like what I imagine an Amphetimine Reptile album might have sounded like if it was recorded and mixed by Steven Stapleton from Nurse With Wound. Packaged in a digipack with an eight page booklet, and both booklet and digipack are filled with weird childlike drawings of animals.

Four bands, all amazing, all totally different, all French. A record so heavy and weird it took TEN labels to release it. So what exactly are Fantastikol Hole all about? Super aggro, mathy, convoulted experimental heavy rock weirdness. Stop start stuttery arrangements, huge slabs of Neurosis-y sludge, bits of shimmer and drone-y ambience, wild tangled squiggly leads, angular atonal riffage, howled distorted vocals, long stretches of crumbling doomy buzz, and that's just the first song of three. The second is even more manic, a sort of proggy grind, with tons of space, and weird stops, jagged riffing, swirling dizzying bursts of buzzing fury, programmed drums, explosions of impossibly convoluted synth swathed hypergrind, shortwave radio interference. The third track is only two minutes, but they spend it plodding along doomily, a huge downtuned riff, wrapped around a simple percussive thud, the vocals processed and super distorted, so genius. Complex and confusional and mathy and heavy as fuck. Shall Not Kill offer up three tracks of their own brand of heaviness, a groovy stoned, heavy as fuck plodding midtempo post punk sludgy doom, rife with harmonized lead guitars, yowled vocals, super psychedelic squalls of twisted tangled leads, busts of furious octopoidal drumming, some super fast Maiden style jams, some blissed out droney dirges, but always returning to some sort of cracked classic doom sound. Up next is Tekken, who are fast and fucked up and furious, a white hot metallic hardcore, bordering on grind, with weird samples, blasts of incendiary buzz, pounding chaotic drumming and snarling punk as fuck howled vocals. The last track finds their grinding punk chopped up and flipped backwards, slathered in static, turning it into some weird fuzzed out, stuttering soundscape of skipping punk rock cds and shortwave interference. And finally, comes the band Moon, whose three long tracks fall somewhere between ultra minimal dronemusic, and the slow motion sludge riffery of Old Earth or SUNNO))), nearly ambient the slow low rumbles eventually build into a lugubrious downtuned crawl, the buzz occasionally receding, and revealing a glimmering glistening shimmer beneath the rumble.

SILENCIO - "Dead Kings" CD $7.99
Instrumental. Silencio (from Columbus, OH) combines many different styles including harcore, noise, metal, jazz and others to craft very precise and explosive songs. Silencio shares some common ground with the Flying Luttenbachers (longer, more composition oriented racket), Naked City (genre switching, mind boggling, manic intensity), and late Iceburn (unbelievably good musicianship used to make totally innovative music). Silencio are truly forging new ground in music.

THE SLAUGHTERED LAMB - "Path Of Ashen Bone" 3-inch CD $7.99
Crippling Black Doom at it's finest. Their sound is akin to Gnaw Their Tongues, super distorted, almost industrial, the guitars crumbling and nearly formless, the vocals dripping in effects, a filthy abject sonic crawl through broken glass and bloody entrails, an sprawling bit of epic and dismal black ambience, from hushed shimmer, to distorted thrum, to black buzz creep and back again. Featuring members of Welter in Thy Blood and Pro-Death. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

Free improv by two guitarists renowned for their extended technique work and consistently inventive experimentation, and female electronics vocalist who explores the outer reaches of the voice. Seven rustling matches of self-containment, as if imprisoned inside a Styrofoam-insulated sleeping bag. Electro-chitters and micro-fweent form semi-transparent mosaics on top of the high-res screech of glass tchochtkes melting from the inside out, nth generation birdsong bending in on itself along an event horizon, color-blocked abstractions of mechanical squirrels playing a kalimba, and wolf fetuses horking into a trumpet. With master percussionist sound sculptor MARCELLO MAGLIOCCHI. Includes insert. Edition of 175.

SOFY MAJOR - "5 Years of Freaks" CD $7.99
A promising French act that delves into the noisier realms of metallic/post-hardcore with loads of caustic guitar textures and clashing chord phrasings, harsh vocal screams, and a solid rhythmic core that drives the bulk of the songwriting. The material's certainly not devoid of melody, however, as even some of the lightly distorted basslines carry a certain tinge of melody beneath the surface; while the presence of some softer passages that utilize glitchy electronics and fluid ambient undercurrents creates a darker sort of atmosphere that's very effective. For fans of heavy and noisy bands such as Barkmarket, Neurosis and Unsane. Heavy, Loud, Panzer.

SPLINTERED / HEADBUTT - "split" CD $7.99
Warehouse find of this 1992 CD EP split release by these two UK groups. Purveyors of drone rock/heavy noise/dirge rock, this British school of guitar-noise groups combining experimental music elements within the rock format. Splintered is one of the best UK noise bands that no one gave much attention to. Don't know why, it is great dark shit. Improvised guitar noise / feedback worship combined with monstrous squalls of ominous dirge rock Headbutt is more pulverising, very industrial noise. For fans of SKULLFLOWER, RAMLEH, GODFLESH.

STALKER - "s/t" CD $7.99
Stalker from Italy present a mature version of modern atmo-core, similar in sound to Isis, Neurosis, Cult of Luna or Minsk. 5 tracks, 4 of them over 7 minutes and remaining one being close to 7 minutes, featuring their slow, heavy and dark sounds.

STA$D400 / ELEKTROKILL - "split" CD $7.99
Ever wonder what grindcore drummers do in their spare time? STA$D400 (Sven from grind/death band, WORLD DOWNFALL) churn out Commodore 64- channeling cuts and ELEKTROKILL (Christ, from grind-punkers JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE) veer between slightly twisted downtempo tracks and Venetian Snares-like experimentalism. Definitely a must-listen for anyone that's into heady electronic music.

STROM.EC - "Divine Legions Beyond Psyche" CD $7.99
The fifth full length from the Finnish power electronics/industrial outfit, which follows some well-received releases on established PE organizations like Freak Animal. The foundation of's sound is obviously brutal power electronics, with lengthy tracks of sickening low-end distorted noise and grueling feedback backed by juddering mechanical throb and a hellish, heavily processed vocal attack. It's along the lines of fellow European neo-PE artists like Ex.Order, Grunt and Genocide Organ, but also pushes past the boundaries of the PE aesthetic with psychedelic effects applied to the outbursts of mangled noise, vast stretches of pitch-black ambience, sinister pulsating rhythms buried beneath the chaotic electronics, and those vocals are some of the wildest I've heard on a power electronics album times watery and robotic, at others intensely distorted and hallucinatory, the vocals on this disc sound completely demonic and nightmarish, seemingly filtered through the bizarre modulation heard on Dane Davis/John Fasal's vocal effects on Prince Of Darkness (1987). This mutant power electronics assault is combined with strange sci fi/mystic/psychological themes and imagery to make up this extreme industrial nightmare, one that fans of Navicon Torture Technologies will certainly dig. The packaging for Divine Legions is amazing as well, the disc packaged in an eight panel DVD sized digicase with bizarre full color artwork from Jerome Nougaillon (Propergol).

STUMM - "I" CD $7.99
This is the debut full length from Finnish extreme sludge/trio Stumm. Just looking through the grim black-and-red booklet for this CD clues us in that this is going to be an unfiltered stream of negative energy, from the creepy cover image of the little boy curled up, fetal-position style in a corner, to grisly images of substance abuse, suicide, and homelessness. Grim shit. It doesn't get lighter when this CD unfurls it's four songs across 35 minutes of RAW, primitive, massively heavy Finnish DOOM, with thick and filthy syrupy riffs churning over and over again, slow and snail-crawling, sometimes stripped down to a single powerchord banged out ad infinitum, a nihilistic sludge feast that references the points between Eyehategod, Grief, Melvins, and Khanate (James Plotkin from Khanate actually mastered I). Spattered with feedback and hoarse tortured howling over spare, planet-shaking drumming, these four tunes are super slow, saurian numbers that sometimes pause to hang in mid-air before crashing back to earth. Fans of monstrous ultradoom like Fleshpress, Corrupted, Moss, Bunkur, etc., can't go wrong with this one.

SUPPRESSION - "Amputated Brain Stem 1993-2000 Discography" CD $7.99
Noisecore. Well, grindcore with a ton of samples and a bunch of noise tracks thrown in. One of those bands that successfully mixes noisy raw grindcore and FULL ON noise. These guys have been around forever and this CD collects a ton of 7", split 7" and comp tracks, 64 tracks in all, including the splits with GRIEF, DESPISE YOU, CRIPPLE BASTARDS and collaborations with FACIALMESS and CRANK STURGEON.

TEAM ROBESPIERRE / BREVATOR - "split" 10" $9.99
Brooklyn's no-wave Screamers-inspired electro punk band, Team Robespierre, join forces with Albany's psych-doom merchants, Brevator, who sound like the Butthole Surfers jamming with Khanate. The best in speed, the best in sludge. Get it while you can. Limited to 500 copies.

THEE ELECTRIC BASTARDS - "Live! At Club Awesome" CD $7.99
Featuring members of CLOUDS, OCTAVE MUSEUM, and PET GENIUS, and produced by Stephen Brodsky of CAVE IN and NEW IDEA SOCIETY, "Live! At Club Awesome" is a 11-song STUDIO recording of the band playing live at their rehearsal space. Boston's Thee Electric Bastards, whose expansive psych-pop falls somewhere in among Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, the Zeppelin end of the White Stripes catalogue (but only if it was scored by an Elephant Six band), and Yoshimi-type Flaming Lips. And if that seems like an awful lot of territory, well, they cover a hell of a lot of it. With songs about futuristic life (Robots Do Not Rock) blatant machismo (The Peepin' Song, Play The Fool), alcoholism and mental health (Millennium Blues, Black Jets), The Bastards have allowed the listener a peek into their sordid little world, where society's ills and fears are celebrated. All of The Bastards songs are well crafted slices of weirdness, with compelling breaks in the music that are sometimes jarring in effect. It harkens back to the days when rock music was more experimental, and less formulaic. RIYL: PIXIES, SYD BARRETT, FLAMING LIPS

TO BLACKEN THE PAGES - "The Urgency " CD $7.99
The Urgency presents 1 massive track clocking in at 47 minutes. Beginning with luscious, gently lulling guitars, it becomes saturated with a droning holler of feedback. The Urgency is a testament to failed hopes and dreams, residing somewhere between Earth's Thrones & Dominions and Skullflower. Foldout cardboard sleeve, hand numbered in an edition of 100.

TOMB OF... - "...Those Dismal Moments" cassette $6.99
A Greek ambient doom one man band with a baffling mix of Windham Hill like piano, and harsh hateful demonic growls. As if George Winston were possessed by the spirit of Satan. Simultaneously soothing and dreamy, ominous and so very black. The combination of piano and vocals was so simple, yet so intense and emotional, a bastardized take on the singer songwriter, a lonely soul expressing sadness and misery through music, but placing it in a black ambient context. With huge expanses of sweeping synths, delicate crystalline chimes, huge swells of rumbling low end, very epic and dramatic, with an almost loped hypnotic quality, it's like the super dramatic denouement of some horror movie, but looped into some slowly evolving mantra, the whole thing wreathed in dense swirls of reverb and echo, the vocals, sometimes a deathly growl, other times a strange alien grumble, way down in the mix, guitars wail and scream, but they too are buried beneath the thick tendrils of warm whirring chords and buzzy blown out ambience. It's almost like entering some crumbling old church in a dream, everything foggy and indistinct, the sky is visible through the roof, the windows are all broken, you can see hills and trees outside, lost and wandering in a dreamlike daze, slowly taking in all of the destruction, the mystery and the misery. It doesn't even have to be a church, just some old ruined building, as long as it has history, and is imbued with the life force of lost spirits and lonely souls. ...Those Dismal Moments is actually quite true to its title. And we're not sure whether it's intentional or not, but there is so much distortion and tape hiss, so much fuzz and buzz, it almost sounds like a Tomb Of... record recorded by Philip Jeck or Tim Hecker, all blown out and blurry, indistinct and shot through with warm streaks of dusty sunlight... So completely amazing!! Limited to 500 copies.

TORSO / GACK - "split" cdr $7.99
Torso offer up six tracks of deep dark raw drone/noise music. Beginning with some super minimal shimmer, streaked with low end groans and shards of feedback, Torso wander through fields of power electronics, spaced out glitch, thick synthscapes, complete with super distorted demonic vocals and all sorts of industrial buzz and grind, to crumbling malfunctioning electronic dirges, to dense melodic drones culminating in a nearly 10 minute blast of sci-fi outer space abstract glitched out FX drenched dronoise. Gack respond with something much more minimal and muted, but no less caustic and ominous, LOTS of low end, the sound smeared and blurred and crumbling, tons shimmer and drift, disembodied voices, creaks, and machinelike grunts and murmurs, jagged shards of industrial clatter, deep rumbling ambience, Gack's tracks here sound more like the foley work for some fucked up outer space sci fi horror movie, which is not at all a bad thing. Fans of WOLF EYES and other modern bleak post industrialism as well as folks into the current crop of abstract noise drenched drone cd-r-tists should definitely check this out. LIMITED TO 103 COPIES.

TRACTOR SEX FATALITY - "Bloodeagle" CD $7.99
Sludge-fuck drug-pummel. Lysergic splatter rock. The only band that can swipe from SCRATCH ACID, GOBLIN and CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and make total rock'n'roll sense out of the whole mess. Eight demented tracks of noise, hard hitting guitars, a bass that beats you like a bat, and drums that are the pummeling kicks. Yes, this music makes you feel like you have been through the wringer and then some. PISSED JEANS and CLOCKCLEANER fans shouldn't have much problem getting into this.

TRAUMA - "The Calming Effects Of The Ocean Vol. 2" cassette $6.99
Part 2 of the 6-part series on Fag Tapes, Arbor, Holy Cheever, Tapeworm and Am Tapes. Strange sea of furious percussive guitar and thundering drums. Eventually becomes a single, soothing wave of energy. Riggs/Hall continue to deliver basement insanity. Full-color fold out art. Edition of 70, C30.

TUSKS OF BLOOD - "Spirit of Decay" 7" $6.99
Ultra heavy sludge from Portland featuring members of ALDEBARAN. Themed around the human condition and the inherent failure of humanity in general, they are heavy on the bass with a straightforward and decrepit vocal delivery, which can be likened to a doomier DYSTOPIA or GRAVES AT SEA. Limited to 300 copies.

UMPIO - "Karu II" CD $7.99
Pentti Dassum (Deep Turtle, Cosmo Jones Beat Machine) making "Voodoo noise + junk electronix". Limited to 100 copies.

UNCONDITIONAL LOATHING - "Cornholecopia" CD $7.99
For several years spanning the late 90's and early 00's, Unconditional Loathing were the kings of the Minneapolis "noise" scene. With line-ups of up to a dozen members, and a million incestuous side-projects, they alternately showcased high-concept performance art and the lowest in scummy absurdity. Beginning in 2001, the core members one by one relocated to various cities on the west coast, leaving many of us to believe the UL magic was lost forever - but this CD proves they're back on top, where they belong. So whats on tap? Nasty improvised static drones and psychic noise and experimental surrealist electronics are interspaced with damaged freak-rock, nuked breakbeats, field recordings, diseased outsider ballads, blasts of fried disembodied AM Radio pop, all glued together by a twisted and thoroughly hardcore psychedelic attack. This stuff RULES. There are also live recordings of the band getting unplugged by local noise promoters. Fun stuff!

URTHQUAKE - "Discograph" CD $7.99
Return of the most sinister left handed band in the world. Bob T. Roller releases bits and pieces of musical bliss from his Urthquake moniker from nearly 10 years of recording. Music ranges from drone rock to noise to fucked up electronica. Urthquake crushes all of it's enemies.

URTHQUAKE - "Last Known Address" 7" $6.99
Bob T. Roller follows up his 2008 CD compendium with a 7" of true New Jersey satanic suicidal black ambient metal. Urthquake's first vinyl release.

This 26-song comp features unreleased songs by the following bands: Aaritila, Career Suicide, Deadfall, Direct Control, Disease, The First Step, Formaldehyde Junkies, Framtid, Gorilla Angreb, Holy Shit, Look Back And Laugh, Limp Wrist, Nightmare, No Hope For The Kids, Observers, Pedestrians, Persevere, Regress, Regulations, Signal Lost, Sin Dios, Sleeper Cell, Smalltown, Smartut Kahol Lavan, Strung Up, Sunday Morning Einsteins. Complete with liner notes and a page dedicated to each band.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "The Stranglers: Chapter One" 2xCD $7.99
Slow. Low. Downtuned. Crushing. Heavy. Sludge. Dirge. Doom. Buzz. Rumble. Pound. Two sprawling discs of ultra heaviness, all weirdly based on strangling scenes from horror movies, all tending toward the slow and low metallic crush. First off are UK doomlords ATAVIST, followed by MOLOCH'S feedback drenched Eyehategod worship, then French one man sludge outfit THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT followed by THE WHOREHOUSE MASSACRE, a Canadian one man band who spews some sick, super distorted ultra sludge doom. Second disc begins with STASIS, who do their own take on twisted downtuned heaviness, offering up weird acoustic interludes between the blown out bursts of howled and shrieked dirgery. FEAST OF SINS are classic funeral doom followed by GHOST EMPIRE, who are another rad sludge doom combo, and finally, WELTER IN THY BLOOD, who sound like a Khanate jam played at 16rpm. Lots of killer stuff, all slow and low and heavy, doom, drone, sludge, if that's your thing, then THIS is most definitely for you.

V/A - "Tryptaphonic Mind Explosion" CD $7.99
This compilation from 2001 features a cross-section of some of the heavy psych-noise-rock underground's best, and charts several streams in the damaged space rock / free noise paniverse. There's some crushing freeform amp-death-drone from Robot Vs. Rabbit that combines Total, Earth, Sunn O))), and Skullflower into a single chainsaw mantra that'll kill planets... Pink Floyd meets Circle hypno-rock sorcery of Japan's Mandog... some gloriously wasted Boredoms -on-acid jamming from Acid Mother's Temple, who unleash a nicely fucked Cotton Casino-led cosmic freakout...Primordial Mind's waves of anti-gravitational amplifier hate...drugged space-prog splatter from Interferents... Escapade offers up waves of howling synth noise backed by thunderous drum rolls on the Krautrock / psyche dream "It Gets Banished Forever", and the mighty Reynols gives us another slice of their surrealist shamanic splatter prayer, like a Catholic high mass taking place on the set of Conan The Barbarian. Finnish trance rock heavies Circle delivers more spacious ambient journeys with "Harmaat", while Pine Tree State Mind Control's proto-industrial drone chug exhumes the corpse of early Chrome and rattles walls. Theres lots more too, a killer heavy comp that could well be the equivalent of No Mew York for the modern heavy cosmic-gunk-rock underground.

VERDE - "Karmes" CD $7.99
Yet another collection of fantastic and far out musical weirdness from Finnish madman Verde, also known as Mika Rintala, one time member of CIRCLE and EKTROVERDE, but by now, much better known as a mad scientist instrument builder, whose records are constructed using the various and sundry electronic devices Rintala designs and assembles. The machines can create pretty out there sounds, which Rintala deftly mixes with bits of jazz, looped droniness, and hypnotic rock. Fans of CIRCLE and the various Circular offshoots will definitely find much to love here. Analog synths swoop and shimmer, wrapped around a repetitive guitar figure and some sizzling cymbals, deep pulsing bass tones throb underneath atonal steel string clang. The result a little bit new age, a little bit abstract electro, pretty hard to describe, as is the whole disc, from old timey jazz accompanied by what sounds like whales songs, wreathed in tape hiss and whirring fuzz, to ominous downtuned looped low end rhythms, peppered with percussive thumps, and squalls of creepy robotic buzz, to wildly malfunctioning electronics wrapped around off kilter guitars and thick sheets of feedback, to gorgeously warped chamber music, played on what sounds like the inside of a piano and some thick warbly rubber band strings, to gorgeous minimal rhythmscapes, with muted percussion, and mesmerizingly woozy melodies, fractured detuned steel string guitar, found sounds, a men's choir speaking not singing and more weird sounds and musics than we could ever find words for. The cool thing about Verde records is that these are not just collections of 'weird sounds', or even sonic experiments, these are actual proper (or perhaps IMproper) songs, pieces, movements, they just so happen to be composed and recorded using a motley collection of hand assembled machines, which if anything, makes the music of Verde more bizarre, but also, way more special and unique.

15 band STONER/DOOM/ROCK compilation CD featuring With A Bullet, Hellrancho, The Valley, Mendozza, Mos Generator, Kaskadia, Backwoods Payback, Golden Pig Electric Blues Band, Oaks, Lozen, Sower of Dischord, War With Saturn, 3D Witch Hunt, Stone Axe, Bacchus.

VOMIT - "Kate Moss" 7" $6.99
Disjointed and spastic fast hardcore out of SoCal. Eight songs on one side, so you know what you're getting yourself into: a couple sludgy ones and a whole bunch of super fast, super short, priceless gems of unsightliness. Near clean guitar, distorted bass, dry drum sounds work great for their classic sounding tone. Great artwork. Dig it!

VOODOO SHOCK / IRONKIND - "split" 7" $6.99
This split pairs the Swiss/German trio of Voodoo Shock with Colorado's Iron Kind. Voodoo Shock do melodic Doom Metal with a strong Obsessed influence, while Ironkind play Rocky Mountain Sludge Doom with homage paid to Pentagram. Limited edition of 1000 copies.

WARBOYS - "Too Drunk to Skate" 7" $6.99
Forming in late 2006 from the ashes of a few other side projects involving everything from crust punk to grindcore, the Leeds based 3 piece known as Warboys have finally conjured up their first vinyl release. What can only be described essentially as 11 tracks of ultra fast grind mixed with manic, 625 styled fastcore/power violence. The band tend to adopt one motto - "No messing about style" and thats exactly what you get, a brutally intense fusion of powerviolence and discordant grind. The record is limited to 500 and the sleeve itself is available in 3 different colours. Warboys draw their influences from INFEST, CHARLES BRONSON, THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE and pretty much any other band that sound like a bomb flattening a city.

THE WAYWARD - "s/t" 7" $6.99
Destructively progressive, noise-rock trio throws early Today is the Day, Big Black, King Crimson and Black Flag into a room and let’s ‘em duke it out for the top dog award. Featuring ex-members of CARRION.

WEAVING THE DEATHBAG - "s/t" 7" $6.99
Raging and galloping intense hardcore, midwest style. Combining the full throttled speed with melodic guitar lines and a full energetic adrenaline. Short and fast songs with good lyrics-including one about not bringing dogs to shows. Quick tempo changes deliver incredible hooks and a relentless energy that makes this both really catchy and memorable. This record comes with one of those old school huge lyric sheets with a poster on one side and the lyrics and the band pictures on the other.

A weird folk/experimental compilation featuring Death By A Thousand Cuts, The Black Swans, CNTR, Boo Hiss, Whitman, The Great Lakes, Carbonic, Red Weather Tigers, The Great Onanist Swindle, Derek Joe Brockett, Everything Is Fine, Cake On Cake, Manipulator, Holly and the Dead Saints, Theath.

WHISPER ROOM - "Birch White" CD $7.99
Whisper Room is a trio based in Toronto, Canada and Berlin, Germany featuring Aidan Baker of NADJA on guitar/affects, Neil Wiernik of NAW on bass/laptop and Jakob Thiesen of STUDENTS on drums/electronics. These three creative minds had moved in similar musical circles in Toronto and Montreal for years sporadically sharing stages but did not actively come together to play as a trio until Dec 2006. Since then they have worked as a improvisational unit and combined their disparate musical backgrounds to create music which explores the conjunction of electronic rhythms and textures with the pulsations and psychedelics and shoegaze and krautrock music. After the initial meeting and first set of shows it was clear that the collaboration between the three had a rare dynamism that took the music to another level. Thus was born Whisper Room.

WHITE EYES - "A Demonstration of..." CD $7.99
A mix of grind, noise, light jazz and electronic music. Fans of AN ALBATROSS will definitely dig the synth shrapnel and Squarepusher-schooled IDM beats that are sprayed across the screeching of the vocalist. The title "A Demonstration of" certainly lives up to its title as the band shows what it can do and what you can expect more of soon. Definitely for fans of experimental grind!

WILDILDLIFE - "Six" CD $7.99
Heavy, crunchy riffage rolls over celestial FX freakout and gang choral voices: part gluey pop hallucination, part psychedelic blast furnace, part metalloid skullcrush. Super melodic and catchy but vaguely menacing and dark at the same time: this is WILDILDLIFE. Their debut full length Six follows up a fistful of CD-R and vinyl documents and summons a wicked whirlpool of dense distorto crunch and freaky singing, raging metallic percussive pummel, tribal rhythms and crushing effects-soaked guitars, subdued floatational drones and ecstatically gorgeous melodies, all let loose in a series of psychedelic slowcore eruptions and swirling cosmic sludge. Going back and referencing a review that Terrascope Magazine printed about one of the band's earlier CD-R releases, this sounds vaguely like Black Sabbath and Butthole Surfers jamming together with ancient forest mystics, an experience both brutal and beautiful, and which proves that Wildildlife have already established themselves as serious purveyors of blown-out mindmelt heaviness.

WINTERS IN OSAKA - "Red Tooth, Red Claw" CD $7.99
Two new tracks from Chicago based noise band Winters in Osaka. It is the last recording to feature Erik Stanis, who died earlier in 2008. The first track is a collaboration with Norway's Zweizz (ex-Dodheimsgard) and Japanese writer-Kenji Siratori, Entitled "Satyr's Birth", the ten minute track is WIO's harshest and most intense. In contrast, the second track is a the bands' quietest and most slow moving song to date. No surprise, as it is a collaboration with drone legend-Mykel Boyd. Will appeal to fans of extreme sound art.

WOUNDED HEAD - "Music For Assholes" CD $7.99
First WH full length, 70 minutes of total morbid chaos. Psychoactive free-sludgecore bass/drums improvised assaults with occasional noise outbursts. Pro disc in card sleeve. Recorded during '99-'00.

WRECK OF THE HESPERUS - "The Sunken Threshold" CD $7.99
This debut full length from Irish tarpit beasts Wreck Of The Hesperus carries on the fine tradition of maximum downer doom. The album contains three looong songs, "Stop The Black Coffins", "Grave Signal", and "The Osseous Tomb (Echoes Of Winter)", which clock in at a combined 42 minutes in length, so you know you're going to get immense, ultra-slow stretched- out riffs pulled apart like gobs of tar over some surprisingly busy drumming, sickening demonic vocals screeching in slo-mo while the crusty riffs are set to hypno-repeat mode, grinding and stumbling over and over for up to eight minutes at a time, while hallucinatory electronic noises and processed vocal murk lurks in the shadows. The last track "The Osseous Tomb (Echoes Of Winter)" even has a minimal, whispered second half that owes as much to the slow-core of Codeine and Low as it does the gnarly deathsludge of Noothgrush and Khanate. The artwork and package design for this disc is really cool, too...a stark, high contrast tangle of withered vines and squid tentacles that scrambles across the entire multipage booklet and case. This one is a crusher, highly recommended to fans of crusty, gnarly doom filth like Khanate, Moonshine, Grief, Noothgrush, Corrupted, Fleshpress, Eyehategod, Moss, and Graves At Sea.

YUKON - "Medallion" CD $7.99
Regardless of what you prefer to call it — prog, math rock, or otherwise — Yukon are a band that push the technical limits of a traditional guitar rock combo to its logical extremes. Yukon play some sort of post-hardcore Touch & Go / Skingraft memorial rock with a slightly jazzy edge. The guitar, bass and drums all occupy their usual sonic space, and retain a texture and timbre you’re accustomed to, but the players arrange them into inventive structures and intricate polyrhythms that never fall into neatly predictable patterns.

ZAMMUTO - "Willscher" CD $7.99
With a number of post-rock starting points (multiple bass harmonics, motorik pulse hypnosis, lust for 70s German electronics), Zammuto constructs a rhythmically bubbling sound by broadcasting these sounds through a construction of PVC pipes, and sampled the results for hard-disc editing. As if Fridge's percussive grooves and Noto's slow constructions of sine wave oscillation had a meeting of minds.

ZWEIZZ / RU-486 - "Split" C-30 $6.99
A vile and disturbed pairing. The first is Zweizz, better known for his blackened work with Fleurety and Dodheimsgard, now dabbling in avant garde hysteria. The dragging and grunting sounds of moral rape coupled with harsh Norse prose, seething with unapologetic liturgy. The post attack by RU-486 is no less forgiving. Christian zionism held under the blade of flesh skinning contempt. Cascades of deafening bliss. The last bullet of war ripping through dying skin. By devils be driven, they wade through our seed. Limited to 100 copies.